(aside from my six fav. people of course)

1) my Biolage thermal action hair stuff. I don’t know how well it really works, but it smells so darn good I use it anyway, and am tempted to spray it all over me for perfume.

2) my plastic plates from Target. It’s funny that I’ve reached a time in my life where plates make me so happy. But I’m telling you, our kids set and clear the table, and after x number of plates were smashed to smithereens as they tried to attempt to do their jobs, we switched to paper plates for a while. And, while paper plates really are a dream-come-true as far as simplicity and messes are concerned, for some reason I just picture them filling up some garbage dump somewhere and it makes me sick to my stomach. Plus, I want dinner to be a teeny bit nicer. So, voila, the Target plastic plates are so light and don’t break. Love them.

3) our IKEA plastic cups. Ditto to #2 for the reasons why.

4) Our kids’ electric toothbrushes. Some of our kids have awful teeth…something that for some reason they’re born with. They have weird, discolored enamel right when they grow in, which has produced multiple cavities and a couple root canals. Yes, root canals on kids. Dave had a bright idea years ago to get them electric toothbrushes so they would brush for longer and I’ll tell you what: it’s a miracle! They have to brush until that little beep goes off and we SO very rarely get cavities any more.

5) P90XSome people have asked for more info. about P90X so here you go: (click here). I love these workouts. I love that I can do them without going to the gym and before my kids wake up. I love that they are all different for different parts of the body so it mixes things up. I love how I feel when I’m done working out. BUT, I must admit certain phrases and jokes this guy uses are getting pretty old…and sometimes I totally slack off. So I’ve mixed in some of this:Pretty good too…and it’s QUICK (supposedly 20 minutes but really 30).

post edit note: Don’t be too impressed that I do this because even after I’ve done it for almost seven months I still struggle with pull-ups and push ups. And I TOTALLY don’t do the eating part of it (see number 5 below). Don’t picture that I’m all buff or something because I’m totally not. I just like to get my heart-rate up and have something that pushes me. This totally does and I love it!

6) these:
In general I am NOT a store-bought cookie fan. I am a home-made chocolate chip cookie connoisseur. So it really surprises me that I am addicted to these babies.

But I can’t talk about them right now because my mouth is watering and I’m trying to eat healthy.

7) this smell:I’ve started applying this lotion after I shower every morning to help curb my I.W.A.N. cravings.

So far I think it’s had the opposite effect.

8) The way Lucy’s squishy body feels when I hug her close and the way her eyes look right into mine when we do Eskimo kisses.

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  1. We installed a drinking fountain in the dining room, which has solved our cup problem. Best investment ever! I love your blog, by the way, and I wish I was on the motivational speaker circuit with you! Guess I'll have to write a book…

  2. Thanks for sharing! We've just converted back to glass plates, not cups. We'll see how it goes.
    We also just purchased the P90x system that we are planning to implement next week. My husband will be following it closely, my 14 yr old will be using it for PE, and I will modify it while I'm pregnant.
    I say be open to having a baby and continue to let God's hand work in your live. He knows what you can handle and will give you the graces needed to face all your trials.
    Pax Christi – Lena
    How can there be too many children? That is like saying there are too many flowers. ~ Mother Teresa of Calcutta

  3. the 30 day shred is sooooooo hard! I know how good of shape you must be in to be able to do p90x! i want that next, but first have to get through 30 days of the shred! UGH!

  4. Oh that I had your self-motivation to workout. My favorite list item on your birthday post was when Dave called you "wicked sexy"! I wanna be wicked sexy to… If only my Oreo addiction was not Double Stuffed!

    P.S.Thanks for letting me put your button on my blog. I think I need the HTML code for it though. So if you wouldn't mind giving it to me….? Thanks!

  5. Shawni~
    I LOVE the smell of desitin for that very IWAN reason. I don't think I will ever stop loving it. And I totally get the plastic plate thing.

  6. I thought I was in good shape (I recently ran a half marathon), but I just started P90X and it is kicking my tail!! I'm trying not to give up on it though. If it's hard then I must need it, right?

  7. I second your feelings on those Cool Mint oreos. I can't think of it too much b/c the processed 'cream' kind of makes me freak out internally, but I too, am addicted to them. Plus I fool myself into thinking it also freshens my breath because they are mint.

    I like Jillian's circut training video – I do that on top of my runs (when I'm actually doing it and not sleeping in my warm bed).

    My current favorite thing – Clorox disinfecting wipes. Especially now that I'm potty training a very stubborn girl.

  8. Hmmm, you just might of motivated me to take the shrink wrap off that Jillian video. I bought the video at Christmas time even though I find her crazy and find something snide to say back to her every time I hear her say "you don't get abs like this for free."

    (I had done the video previously on demand).

    But maybe I will give it a try! Because going to the gym before the sun comes up STINKS.

  9. Hi Shawni – I enjoyed this post so much that it inspired me to post my own list of "six things I love right now"… right after I read it!

  10. I love that you have the workout videos and THEN the Oreos! LOL I so want to try P90X. Everyone raves about it, but I'm thinkin' it might kick my fanny though! 🙂

  11. Some friends and I are each doing the 30 day shred every morning at home. Our reward at the end, if we finish is creme brulee at this super nice restaurant near by. Doesn't really make sense to reward ourselves with unhealthy sweets, but man is it ever motivating. Level 2 is about killing me. But I sure do feel good about myself for working out and I don't have to drop the kids at the gym's day care. So nice!

  12. I see that I may be the only one – but I'm so with you on those Target plates! I have quite a collection now – satisfies my craving for interesting colors and shapes on the table!

  13. Love the Shred!! Although it would be more fun if we had all the guys doing it, too (p90x yoga at bear lake…i need to get a copy of that picture if you have one.)

  14. This is the first time I have visited your blog, but I LOVE it!!
    I actually have P90X and I like it too, when I can complete an entire disc. I was planning to go buy 30 day shred tonight, I will def. go get it now. . .everyone is talking about it!!

  15. okay I fill the same way about homeade chocolate chip cookies I love them… I never buy cookies from the store EXCEPT oreos thee is something about those taht are so good and every once in a while I have to buy them. But HOMEADE is still the best……

  16. Oh, cool mint oreos….how can I love something so much? But alas, I too, am working the P90X workout AND eating plan! Boy, is that a challenge! Thanks for the above pancake recipe! When I'm allowed more carbs I'm going to try it for sure!

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