The fact that they don’t have any more Cadbury Creme Eggs ANYWHERE, and I’m totally craving them. Why didn’t I stock up for my year’s supply??

Max’s expression when I “got” him for the third year in a row on my signature April Fools trick…putting a big fake plastic spider in the bottom of his cereal bowl. Oh man I love it. I found myself randomly laughing about it to myself on the way to Costco the other day. And over dinner last night. And driving to scouts on Thursday. And right now. I just get such a kick out of myself sometimes. What a good sport he is.

How incredible Easter lilies smell.Claire’s jaw-droping wide-eyed glee over and over and over and over again as she yelled “LUCY!!” in surprise and delight every time Lucy took a couple steps last Sunday. Yep, after the soup can dropping on her foot put a month delay on her walking we’re finally back to square one taking steps again. We’re all pretty darn excited about it. She has her shopping cart that helps her get around. She’s very attached to her babies and stuffed animals these days as you can see…also, one of her favorites: a small can of tomato paste. Like a security blanket. At least it’s small so I don’t worry about her hurting her foot again.Elle is becoming a teenager before my eyes. And I think she needs braces.How Lucy crosses her feet and gets the biggest grins in her highchair. Oh, and the way her eyelashes curl up around her bright blue eyes.That Grace finally lost her front tooth she’s been dying to lose in a bike accident last week…it just popped out and it wasn’t even the one that was loose. Then the next day the loose one popped out too. AND the tooth fairy even remembered. Happy days for her! (These pictures are backwards but you get it, right?)That I can have an almost spiritual experience feeling so in love with my family while doing something as mundane as cleaning the kitchen together after dinner…with rap music blaring full blast, everyone doing something to help…including Lucy re-arranging the cabinets.

My cough that has kept Dave and I up at night for over a month now. A little sick of this one!

p.s. Thanks so much for the sweet comments, nice calls and e-mails about photo shoots. I’m so sorry I won’t be able to fit everyone in, and that I haven’t gotten back to some of you yet…I’m working on it. Thanks for being patient!

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  1. That whole paragraph about Max is cracking me up. It cracked me up when you left a comment on my blog with that story, but the fact that it is still cracking you up over and over again is hilarious. 🙂 I do the same thing. Your kids have the most sparkling smiles! So genuine and sweet. Sorry about your cough! Can’t stand cough leftovers! I love how you can write about daily life in a variety of ways and I think we, as readers of your blog, get so much out of it. Thanks!

  2. I’m loving your family too! The April Fools on Max is classic. I’m laughing too. I LOVE Claire’s pure joy. I get to see it from time to time in Joy School!

    I wanted to eat Lucy up today…I’m happy for her step taking.

    Elle could not be cuter…even with perfect straight teeth.

    We MUST get a picture of Ella and Gracie before their two front teeth start to grow in.

    I just love you!

  3. You always capture such precious moments with your photos, I love it!! You have a love for life and your family and it is neat to read of all your experiences, even the small simple ones! Those sometimes are the best!

  4. Shawni those pictures of Lucy in her high chair..oh my gosh they are so cute! She is so cute! Her little smile just lights her whole face up. All your kids have great smiles!

  5. I am missing the cadburry eggs too! Probably good that my addiction was cut short this year! Thanks for having us over on Sunday! We love to be your neighbors! You guys are the best! I love all the cute pictures of your kids!

  6. I am so coveting your photography skills. Do you walk around with your SLR all the time? I am just in awe of the pictures of your kids. Wonderful.

  7. Shawni you ARE amazing!
    By the way, If you REALLY want to stock up, my friend Sherry wanted me to tell you that if you go to you can click on easter and get all the cadbury eggs you want. Well almost. They are almost sold out! I thought it was funny that she knew that so I thought I’d pass the word on. We can’t wait to see you guys in a few weeks!

  8. Shawni..You tell Elle that I have ALWAYS wanted glasses since I was little. Those glasses that she is sportin’ are the CUTEST, funktified glasses ever…….she looks darling!

  9. Congratulations Lucy! Try oregano oil for your cough. It is a natural immune booster and when I had a cough for six weeks at Christmas time, it was the only thing that made it go away. It is at sprouts in a little bottle. 4 drops 3 times per day in a little water.

  10. All your photographs have such a warmth about them. They invite you in. They make you smile. I love them all, esp. the one of little Lucy’s legs crossed at the ankles. It’s like you clipped it straight out of a card or book. You have such talent! No wonder all your photo slots are bulging over!

    I too am missing Easter candy. The first week after I kept wanting to reach for something delicious, which in turn helped me see how much I had been consuming when it was within reach. I am grateful it only comes out once a year after that week of sugar withdrawl passes!

    Oh and I LOVE how Lucy carries around a tiny jar of tomato paste. How random and sweet.

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