This is what I did this morning:It’s a baby seat for the back of my bike. I’m pretty sure people sat around in a room and thought to themselves, “Hmmmm… how can we make these instructions as confusing and frustrating as possible?” I’m sure they were very pleased with themselves when they came up with this little instruction booklet. They probably did an evil little cackle after they finished too. My fingers are aching from putting all those tiny nuts and bolts together. Was it worth it?Yes.
p.s. The girls carefully planned those “matching” outfits all morning too.


  1. Oh my gosh Shawni good job…I would have taken one look at those directions and given up. Lucy looks like she loved it though. I love your bike!

  2. I love the matching outfits! Having girls must be so fun 🙂 I’m impressed by your technical ability! I actually enjoy putting those kinds of things together, as long as a man isn’t standing over my shoulder second guessing 🙂

  3. I’m with Jessie! I would have either taken it back to the stotre, or waited for Adam to come home. You rock. And I like your shorts…

  4. Hi Shawni, I found your blog one day jumping from sidebar to sidebar and I’ve loved reading your posts. I’m in the thick of motherhood too with 6 kids under the age of 12 so I love reading your positive take on motherhood. I can relate to so many things you write about and your photos are amazing too. I also discovered your brother Josh’s blog from your sidebar and he and I were in Israel together in 1993–small world.

  5. K- you have my dream bike. My in laws have those awesome bikes like you have and they are just the best. No more back aches from hunching over. Looks like a fun ride. Wish we were warm enough to get out on our bikes- hope soon. Have a great Easter weekend.

  6. Shawni…A week off was too difficult! I needed recipes and of course had to check some emails and oh yeah of course I had to check my favorite blogs! Anyway it was a good try and at least I cut my time in half this past week.
    Anyway..I love your bike seat, I am hoping to put one on my bike this spring. I will probably leave it up to Jake to put it together though!
    I just signed up for a class On Lightroom and I am super excited. You have really inspired me to get back into buisness so I am hoping with a few classes I will be back into the swing of it.
    I love reading your blog and from your blog I have found three of your friends that I “blog stalk” it’s like being young again when I used to have penpals around the world.
    Have a great Easter!

  7. Hey, I was thinking about you and Lucy this week. It sounds like all is well, but I wanted to share that we had a similar experience with Emerson–he did everything a bit slower . . . especially walking (16 1/2 mo). But it turned out he wasn’t delayed or dumb or anthing horrible. He’s just cautious, and now that he’s older, he’s such a gentle, loving kid. I almost feel bad for trying to push him to do things before he was ready. I don’t know if he and Lucy have anything in common, but I wanted to share. Your fam is so CUTE. SO cute.

  8. I am laughing both with you and at you! How brave to take on that task! I probably would have put it back in the box, hid it somewhere and TRIED to forget it! Way to go!

    Is this not the best bike weather ever? I go with the pulled trailer, but the seat is cute, too much work, but cute!

  9. Those instructions look very confusing, I am proud of you that you were smart enough to finish the task and it definately looks like it was worth it. I wish you were around to help me figure out my new awesome camera, Mark gave me for my birthday. I am feeling overwhelmed because it’s capable of so much and I know so little. Oh well I am sure I will learn. I don’t expect to be a pro (like you) but I want to learn and at least take some decent shots.

  10. Loved hearing from you. I know this is a silly question…but honestly to sum it up-HOW IS IT HAVING 5 CHILDREN? HONESTLY.
    I am going to go read up on your little Lucy now. Thanks for stopping in!

  11. Shawni..I have to laugh because I just commented on three blogs that I found through your name is out there hope you don’t mind. I am starting to think I want to move to the sunny land with all of you photographer/health nuts! I love it!
    Hope your Easter was Great!

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