celebrated (and bemoaned) the fact that my last child turned three (more on that later)

went on a romantic date with my husband to Target to shop for the presents…noticed once again how handsome he is (oops, sorry, I let that slip out)

after doing P90X every day for 80 days, pulled a leg muscle so bad I could hardly walk for two days

thanked Heavenly Father 100 times for the normal good health I have and the regular ability to do things like squat down on my kids eye-level to tell them I love them or even to pull on my pants without extreme pain

hosted 43 neighbor kids at our house

helped referee three fights

ignored five fights

answered 113 e-mails

skimmed through 100 pages of the book “His Excellency, George Washington” to cram for book club

soaked in a great book club discussion about how amazing our founding fathers were

got to “shadow” Max for a day of school on “shadow-a-student” day

realized I’m losing my zing with being at school with that boy. he was excited, but he showed it with a normal smile, not the humongous grin stretched across his face I usually get when I’m with him at school. That was me this time. Loved experiencing Jr. High (but a little melancholy about my slipping in the zing category)

made one doctor appointment for Claire

kept a record of Claire’s bathroom habits for the doctor’s review so we can finally get to the bottom of all her urinary tract issues (a lot tougher than it sounds)

switched our family insurance

visited one doctor…was reassured that my test is now negative for lupus and autoimmune thyroid-itis…

wondered how that happened and why they didn’t tell me that six months ago after they did the blood work…

faith in doctors and their ability to clearly explain things sunk a little lower

got five kids to tennis lessons two different days, one to soccer practice twice, sat through hot soccer game, two kids to gymnastics, one to Young Men’s, three piano lessons, two days of basketball workshops (ok so Dave and some friends helped me with a few of those)

got to visit Lucy’s class for her birthday

got to visit Claire’s class to give a presentation for “Career Day” (a friend and I talked about how wonderful it is to get to have a career of being a MOTHER)

tried to tie up some loose ends on our house spruce-up project

got no where with it

got serious with my new “good habits” I’m working on…liking the more serious scripture reading input in my life

planned out our imaginary trip to Australia in my mind…some day I’ll make it a reality

watched three Primary Programs (one of my favorite parts of my calling)

marveled three times at how those kids can bring tears to my eyes with those Primary songs…they are so good!

convinced Elle that it’s fine to just duck tape your violin case together when it happens to loose both hinges in the same week

ordered a new violin case on-line

had a sleep-over camp-out with the kids in the back yard

four loads of laundry (that few only because the laundry baskets are full to the brim waiting to be washed as I write), picked up the house 1,254 times, clipped 54 fingernails, did five heads of hair 8 times…you get the picture….

…just wanted to make sure I have been a little bit productive because sometimes it sure as heck feels like nothing gets done around here!

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  1. You are amazing and when you put it all down, gosh…how the heck would your family survive without all you do.

    It is sometimes a thankless job, being a mother. Wonderful, exhausting, wouldn't have it any other way, but thankless.

    I'm trying to get everything organized and together– Randy and I are leaving for a 10 day China trip on Tuesday.

    Family pictures this morning. The 2 year old screamed the entire time because she wasn't in her Tinkerbell costume and I didn't have time to do my hair before hand because everyone was running late, and I was sweaty and mad before it even started – and tired… Ellie was up most the night and when I fell asleep she would put her finger up my nose to wake me up.

    Motherhood: wonderful and exhausting.

  2. oh my, sounds so familiar. Isn't motherhood so wonderful!? BTW, I find daily inspiration by reading your book. Thanks for putting that together with your mom.

  3. Mothers are a rare breed. We do absolutely everything all at the same time–yet we feel like we got nothing done. 🙂 You are amazing and SO productive!! Super impressed!

  4. Just wanted to say that I'm glad to have found your blog today. You look like a very busy mom with a great family. I think your blog is wonderful and will be back.

    We have a Claire and Lucy too! (plus two other kids–I haven't actually found your other kids names yet!) And we are about to put a white kitchen in, so I love yours! Do you mind if I ask where you got your bar stools?

  5. Hey Shawni! It's been awhile since i've blogged or been around to others as well. LOVE your new spruced up cabinets! When we built a few years ago I went with white and I've loved it. Our previous house that was old had white abcinets and I loved the charm of the old stuff. Anywho, I love a bright cheery kitchen and your sure is just that!
    Great to check up on your little fam and see Lucy doing so well. Take Care!!
    angie b

  6. I met your parents a week ago while doing a seminar in Idaho Falls. They are fabulous! I bought your book, came to your site and have loved them both. Your photos are amazing and I love that you're real. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Boy do I know how you feel! All the time I get to the end of the day and feel like I didn't "get anything done." It's amazing all the stuff we do just to keep the family wheel rolling, if we actually sew, scrap, write, read, CLEAN, it's amazing!

    So if I see Time Traveler's Wife I'll let you know how it is.

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