It’s Fall Break here in the desert and we just rolled into town late late last night from a pretty eventful road trip.  It’s still Fall Break here until Wednesday of all things (WooHoo!) and I’m trying to keep my girls busy unpacking and cleaning and doing laundry but for today, we came up with some numbers from our road trip as part of our journaling in the car last night so here we go:

hours in the car:  approx. 30
hours Grace helped drive: a few…so grateful for another driver after Dave had to come back to work
different places slept in: 6
pictures taken: a lot

surfers that learned to do 360s: 2
Lake Powell sunsets sufficiently ooooo’d and ahhhhhh’d over: 4
huge packs of peanut butter M & M’s scarfed down by four families on houseboats: 4
cousins hugged: 15
siblings stayed with: 3
siblings hung out with: 5 along with 3 spouses too (one just moved to Utah, one is moving there, one was there for work, one sister and Dave’s sister who I count as my own sibling already live there, loved seeing them all!)
senior olympic medals won by my Dad so far: 2 (we got to witness the doubles tennis match when he won the gold…go Dad, Eyre Fire!)
recipes rounded up and edited for part of my Mom’s new book on GRANDmothering (which is going to be fabulous):  lost count
cousin football games attended:  3
degree of coldness at those football games: COLD…we are desert wimps! but man we loved seeing those games, and each one came out with a victory so we figured we were good-luck charms:)
beautiful fall foliage witnessed: endless…Utah is amazing right now
hikes through that gorgeous foliage: 2 really good ones
amount of times Lucy and Claire washed their hair: 1 (I know, gross, keeping it real)
times Claire intentionally tried to bug Lucy: 249
times Lucy let that intentional teasing get to her: 249
quotes memorized during the car ride: 1, but it was a good one (“not the critic who counts”)
eye-rolls from girls on car ride: 27
“thank-yous” expressed from girls: 136
times I teared up because I missed my two oldest something terrible: 2 (would have been more if we hadn’t been so dang busy)
amount of times we each exclaimed “look how beautiful that is!!” in awe: 893

Level of excitement to get home and hug Dave and Bo Jangles: highest possible

Yes I took a little leniency on those last numbers but had to at least get the main idea.  Ha!  
We saw so much beauty from the canyons of Lake Powell to vibrantly colorful leaf-infused granite mountain-sides in Utah to Zions Canyon (finally made it there!) to the faces of dear family we love so much.  So grateful.  Much more to come but just wanted to come say “HI!” here on the blog for today.


  1. I laughed at the hair washing number. My daughter brushed her teeth 0 times during our week at the beach. Didn't realize it until I saw her toothbrush still in its packaging when packing for home. Love those kids!

    1. Because it's fun! I'm the same way and our family loves to be busy making memories. That's how we roll. It's a "break" for us to be together, no matter what we're doing.

  2. So excited about the recipe/grandma book – even though I'm not a Grandma, not even close. I'm hoping it has lots of bear lake recipes in it.

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