My brother and sister both had babies within the last week.

A little niece was born in New York City, and a nephew in London.  
It was pretty exciting for our family, and now I’m dying to get there and hold onto those little bundles. So happy for them and that all is safe and sound, and that they’re lingering in that spot closest to Heaven right now as they drink in those newborns.  I can almost smell that sweet smell and hear those tiny newborn noises that go along with the stretches and the yawns and the soft breathing curled up on their parent’s shoulders.  Birth is such a beautiful miracle.
Speaking of little bundles, Claire just got this uncontrollable itch to hold a baby in church yesterday…maybe because of all the baby talk we’ve been having around here.  Luckily our friend had a willing baby a couple rows up and those girls (Grace and Claire) and I just ate that sweet baby up during sacrament meeting.  There was something so beautiful to me about sitting there, the three of us together on those hard metal chairs (since we can’t seem to get the comfy seats these days even when church is at 2:00), that sweet baby laying on Claire’s lap and all of us just bent over smiling our hearts out at her.  Thank you, Young family, for letting us hold onto that little piece of Heaven for a while 🙂
Lucy was not the least interested in the baby.  This in spite of the fact that we just finally had our “big talk” with her this weekend (more about that soon!).  Instead, she was concentrated on her talk she was giving in Primary.  I got to go listen to her talk about her baptism in China, so concentrated, so well thought-out.  I love that she always relates things back to Jesus Christ.  I think that’s how her mind works…everything links back.  Which makes me so filled up with gratitude because I think she’s going to need to gain a lot of strength from Him in this life.  
In other Lucy news, I “trimmed” her hair yesterday before church (we always must call it a “trim” because she gets all fussed up if we call it a “cut.”  It was long and so tangly and unmanageable so we agreed we needed to take about five inches off.  I got in an in depth conversation with Elle on the phone as I cut, and I cut off more than she felt we agreed on (although it really was what we had talked about) and all of H-E-double-hockey-sticks broke loose, she was so sad!  I had no idea she was so attached to that mane of hair of hers!  I was really sad she was so sad, but at the same time is was hard not to smile at the sheer drama of it all.  She sat on the bench in our bathroom, huge tears cascading down her cheeks claiming she will never leave our house again, never go to school, wouldn’t be able to give her talk in church since she was “hideous.”  When Dave told her how beautiful she looked and quickly sent in Grace and Claire as reinforcements she hid her face and proclaimed, “don’t look at me!  I’m hideous!” and with all that drama we all looked at each other with sheepish grins because really, she looked adorable and what in the world else could we do??  She was so angry at me and told me I definitely don’t know the definition of “trimming” because that was definitely not what I did.  
Luckily by the time it was all dry and beautiful she calmed down, looked in the mirror, and realized life would actually be able to go on after all…and she marched right in and gave that beautiful talk at church confidently and filled with the spirit.  Despite her hair-cutting (NOT trimming) mother.
Max gave a talk in church up in Provo as well…wish we could have been there to hear it, and is gearing up to move to his new apartment and start school next week alongside part-time work.  
Elle got to go to a devotional in Hawaii yesterday with the Prophet of our church, Elder Nelson as well as Elder Holland.  Lucky, lucky girl.  We are so excited to get her HOME for a day and a half this week before she takes off for Jerusalem for her spring/summer study abroad next week.  (Yes, really, we only get her for a day and a half, but we’re pretty excited to at least have that!)  She just finished finals and is living up life as she knows it on that island of hers before she tears herself away from it for a little while.

Claire had a volleyball tournament on Saturday all alongside Grace’s prom prep.  She is falling more and more in love with that sport, and with friends and with the idea of high school next year and all that comes with that.  She wrapped up soccer last week and wraps up track this week and although they’ve been great seasons, we are all happy about that.
Last but definitely not least, Grace went to prom and I know I’m biased but she was jaw-droppingly beautiful.  It was so fun to have our yard filled up once again with so many good kids, all dressed to the hilt looking dashing and dazzling, so much excitement filling the air around us as we photographed and our shadows started stretching longer and longer across the grass.  High school can be tough, and also a rollercoaster ride, but this weekend sure was a fun one.  
Here are a few outtakes before I can get to the real-deals:

One last thing, it was my dear mother’s birthday yesterday.  She is in England helping with my sister Charity’s baby, but I always think that it’s so appropriate that her birthday is on Earth Day.  So much beauty in my mother and in mother earth.  We made two batches of cookies (for variety of course) to celebrate, (and now I better take a little sugar break because it’s winning these days!)  We took a walk through the most beautiful sun-slanting evening to celebrate, Bo running ahead chasing birds thinking she was in Heaven.

And last, last thing, summer is almost here and in a month school will ring it’s last bell.  That is freaky.


  1. Grace is completely and strikingly beautiful! My jaw dropped when i saw these prom photos. She is so naturally pretty. I’m not sure why she doesn’t like her pictures taken, (as you have mentioned in the past), but i sure hope when she sees these photos it will boost her confidence. She just exudes HAPPINESS! Hope her night was special. �� Her date was a lucky, lucky guy!

  2. I was wondering if Elle would be able to be there when Pres. Nelson and Elder Holland spoke at BYU-Hawaii. What an amazing experience! So happy for her.
    I love that sweet Lucy of yours. I also love that you and your family so lovingly supported her and let her know that her hair doesn't define her, and she is beautiful regardless. I am sure it is cute!
    I am sorry you always seem to be berated by Tabby. I think she must really be hurting in her life to spew such negativity all the time.
    I personally appreciate your posts and all you share.

  3. Grace looks wonderful!

    Possible Lucy's meltdown was a result of not having your attention during her trim? If getting a haircut is already tough in her having you do it while focused on her big sister might have been very frustrating for her.

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