I can’t seem to keep up with Lucy stuff these days except for planning a bunch of doctor appointments and finding someone who speaks my language (gets exactly what Lucy needs) at the National Institute of Health which is a huge breakthrough I haven’t been able to stop smiling about all week (more on that later). But here are some recent things I want to report on:

1) A blog called Crazibeautiful posted my Mother’s Day reflections on how Lucy has changed my motherhood here to help spread the word (so sweet…thank you!).

2) Remember to click over here to enter this newest book give-away before it ends (some time this week…not sure when). Melissa is so awesome to do it…and this one’s for TWO books which makes it even better. Plus if you don’t win the book click here to order it for HALF PRICE! (I’m stocking up since that’s cheaper than I can get it with my author discount.)

3) The Foundation for Fighting Blindness is TRIPLING donations received in the next three months. I am so happy I get to send in my Mother’s Book of Secrets royalties and that they can make such a big difference with all that tripling magic.

Lucy is doing great. Thank you for all the support. I can’t talk about it much because it makes me emotional, but we feel strength coming from so many sources and it means the world to us.

Love, Shawni

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  1. Hi Shawni,

    My best friend surprised me by sending me you and your mother's book in the mail. I was soooo excited!!! Thank you for writing such a beautiful book. I know my friend has got so much inspiration from it, and now I get to as well!


  2. Every time I see a picture of your Lucy, I am drawn to those eyes. Oh, those eyes. I imagine that the Lord made them so gorgeous so that we would be reminded to pray for her every time we see them. And,I do.

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