I don’t generally write birthday posts for those outside my kids and Dave, because there are a LOT of them and this whole blog would be spilling out with birthdays.

But today my mother turns seventy-five years old and she LOVES attention on her birthday (HA! I kid because she deflects attention like nobody’s business), but I can’t help but write down a little love for this woman today.

Seventy-five years of goodness infiltrating into the world.

If you know her, if you have ever had the chance to meet her, you know.

You leave talking to her feeling like you have been seen.

All she visits,

All she speaks to,

All who read her words,

All she serves…

Grandkids as well as that woman with the crinkly smile in a foreign country with a story to tell.

Even ancestors, the echos of their stories still breathing with life through Grammie camp and the stories she tells.

I love that her birthday coincides with Earth Day, because like Mother Earth, she cradles everything lovely…from her grows goodness and love and nurturing.

Gotta include some Mother Earth pictures too in her honor.

She taught me to love art.

She taught me to love gathering.

She taught me to love those who have gone before:

…and to love those who are here now.

But mostly she taught me to love Jesus.

And every day I’m thankful for her example in my life.

If you know and love this awesome lady, you can send a tribute or little love note to drbridell at gmail (funny email my dad made up) to join in all the love we are sending today!

Happy birthday mom, love you forever and ever!

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  1. OMG in the first pic, on the leg that is crossed over, your Mom clearly has 6 toes (although sort of fused together) on that foot. Has no one put this together yet?

      1. What is wrong with YOU? I merely pointed out something that may shed some light on Lucy’s condition. Mind your own business.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to your Mum.

    I hope she had a lovely day. xπŸŽ‚πŸ₯³πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸ°

  3. Love Linda. Back when I was working with Saren and April on Power of Moms, I attended 2 retreats at your parents’ home in Park City. I got to visit with your mom as we chatted about being the grandmothers at the retreat, her losing her cell phone again , etc. I felt like we had been friends for years. Happy Birthday Linda!

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