You know all that business I wrote about having your heart walk around outside of you when you have kids?

Well, no one told me it would be the same with your grandkids! You see, I left a little piece of my heart up with Max and Abby when we left town after meeting our little Murphy three weeks ago.

Thank HEAVENS Abby is so good at sending pictures and FaceTiming. I LOVE YOU ABBY!!

So, in celebration of her three-week-on-earth mark, here are some pictures. I can hardly even stand how much I love her!

Murphy smiling

That one up there on the left is her one-week mark.

My parents got to meet her:

Grammie and Grandfather with Miss Murphy Jane

Their first great grand-child.

Grammie meeting Murphy

My sister Charity and her little Evie got to meet her too:

Evie has been obsessed with this baby ever since she “met” Abby’s belly, so this was such a sweet little “reunion.”

I cannot love this pic more:

Max and Murphy sleeping all snuggled up

We can all hardly believe that she’s already three weeks old!

Murphy giving a little surprised look

I guess it’s time to get on up there to snuggle her up! She is changing every single day!!

Love you, Miss Murphy Jane!


  1. She’s adorable. I have to say I love your blog and I’ve been a follower since the beginning. I’m often envious of all your travels, the places you go, the adventures you have. I’m in my fifties, partially disabled and I’ve been on a plane six times in my whole life. But one thing I do have to be immensely grateful for is that I have five married kids, one still at home, she’s a month older than Lucy, but they all live within a half hour drive. Our youngest granddaughter who was two last week was born when her daddy was very sick having surgery and radiation for a brain tumour. Whilst we will never be grateful for his sickness, it’s meant I’ve been able to be hands since the beginning, doing the night shift, helping with breast feeding etc. Once she went back to work at six month we started having Edith one day a week and we often have her for sleepovers. I’m so thankful for that deep bond. It’s interesting how different lifestyles bring different things to be grateful for and I’m so glad that Abbie is sending all the pics and FaceTiming so you can watch her grow.

  2. Shawni, my daughter just told me the Claire got her mission call to serve in Australia, speaking Mandarin. I cried when she told me. I could not be more proud of her and her decision. She really does radiate the light of Christ in her life and is going to be the best missionary ever. Can’t wait to read the post about it!

  3. Shawni, my daughter told me that Claire got her mission call to serve in Australia in Mandarin. I cannot be more proud of her and her decision to serve the Lord. I cried when she told me. Claire really does radiate the light of Christ and is going to be the best sister missionary ever. Love you Claire!

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