My Mom and I spoke at Time Out for Women in Oklahoma City.

Sure, it was way back in May, but I still want to write about it because I really loved that place.

It was beautiful from the air (my traditional “airplane-window-pictures” are here).

It was beautiful driving around.

And the people were beautiful inside and out.

Our driver took us by the Oklahoma City bombing memorial en route to the venue.

It was beautiful.
There was a hushed reverence surrounding my friend Whitney and I as we hustled in from a busy street for our allotted two minutes of time to take it all in.

I love how architecture can create such a sacred feeling.

Lining the water there are empty chairs symbolizing all those who lost their lives in the bombing:My friend Whitney wrote about her thoughts on these chairs in her post here and I loved her analogy to the unique “chairs” we each have in life.

This was my favorite paragraph:

“I’m too busy to sit down,” we say, scurrying distractedly past who we are, “I’ll sit later.” Or “Surely there must be a fancier chair. This isn’t what I intended for my life”, we lament, “I’ll wait for a better one.” Or, “I can’t sit in that chair,” as if we we’re a pretender to a throne, though it’s legitimately ours, “better to stand aside for someone more deserving.”

Isn’t that so true? And so beautifully written?

I thought this statue of a mourning Christ with his back to the monument was particularly poignant:
The event itself went well. Time Out for Women events always seem to do that.

The women in charge know their stuff.

I loved meeting Whitney in person after being in touch with her when she went out of her way to help me with the I Love Lucy project here.

And I loved meeting Macy Robison who did a phenomenal performance with the multi-talented Whitney as her accompanist. (I’m so excited I get to do this with them again in Logan and in Phoenix in the Fall.)
Macy was so sweet to let me take over her baby for just a little bit…
…the baby wasn’t so sure about my take-over.

Oh man sometimes I just want one of those so much it makes my heart hurt.

We also got to meet many sweet blogging friends, but only one who we got a picture with:
I always love hearing Mariama‘s presentations.
So full of HOPE and the power to BECOME the person we really want to become…sometimes despite the most horrific odds.

I feel so very blessed to be part of Time Out for Women.

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  1. I love Mariama's presentation – she's amazing! I went to TOFW in Phoenix last year and loved it! Planning to go this year and bring more friends. 🙂 Can't wait!

  2. I was there with my sisters and it was amazing. I loved all the speakers, and am constantly thinking about the things I learned. I loved being able to see you and your mom in person. I admire you both so much. Thanks for dedicating the time to be part of the TOFW experience!

  3. So, this doesn't have anything to do with this post. But I'm working as a BYU Sports Camp Counselor this summer and I just saw you dropping off your girl! I hope that isn't creepy. I would have come said hi if I wasn't in the middle of registration. Hope she has a fun week!

  4. These are such great pictures! Totally random, but I love that short-sleeved khaki sweater you're wearing. Where did you find it?

  5. Love the pictures and I am so looking forward to TOFW to come to Australia in a couple of weeks. So love the line up of presenters and cannot wait for the spiritual uplift I am going to have. Great post!

  6. I was there as well. I thought you did a fabulous job! I am still trying to find holiness in helping my daughter use the potty multiple times a day even though I know she can do it herself. 🙂 All of the presenters were AMAZING! I'm glad you liked Oklahoman's, I am from Utah (live here now) and I think they are some of the nicest people I've ever met. Your blog is very inspiring. You take fabulous pictures. PS. I'm on my way to Bear Lake soon. One of my favorite places on earth.

  7. I would love to go to the TOFW in Sydney but im Catholic, does that matter? Bet you would love to be coming to the Australian one Shawni:-)

  8. Hi Shawni–

    I'm so excited you're going to be at the Logan TOFW. It'll be the first one that my mom and I have ever attended! I didn't realize you and your mom were speaking until I was pre-registering. I was excited for it before, but I'm super-duper excited for it now!

  9. It was fun to hear you and your mom at TOFW. Thanks for visiting!

    I was going to be holding that cute baby that night but Macy's step mom and I had some mixed messages and someone else got the job. Bummer. I should have come and snagged her from you anyway. 😉 She is a cutie! Macy did an amazing job!

    I love the quote from Whitney. So true.

  10. MandyR, yes! Although time out for women audiences are largely LDS, Every religion is very welcome. I hope you get to go in Australia…you're right, I sure wish I could! 😉

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