My Mother and I get to speak at “Time Out for Women” in Ogden on February 6th.

Wait, did I just say “get to”?

Me, the one who’s neck gets all red and splotchy in public speaking? (And from what they say there are thousands of women at these shin-digs.)

But I do “get to” speak with my amazing Mother, and, red splotches or not, I actually kinda like that stuff. Every time I do it the splotches are fading a little more.

We really are so excited.

We’re going to be talking about five different motherhood “secrets” from our book.

And the best part is that we get to speak alongside some pretty spectacular people. One of my all-time most inspiring examples, Chieko Okasaki will be speaking the night before. (To read about my biggest epiphany she gave me click here.) I can hardly wait.

So, if you’re local come on over. For more information click here.

p.s. We will also be speaking at the “Time Out for Women” in Spokane in April…more details about that one coming up.

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  1. I have been to one TOFW and they rock, I happened on your blog thru secret surfing time. I wish I could hear yous and your mother speak but I am off to my first Irish deance competition (called a Feis) with two pirates and a princess! Best of luck I am going to ask my husband for your book for Valentines Day I do believe!

  2. Yes, Time Out is awesome, and you will do great! I only wish you were coming to Orlando instead of Spokane, since I am going to the one in Orlando… I was hoping when you said two this spring that I could meet up with you in FL!

  3. My husband gave me your book last Mother's Day and it was just what I needed to get out of my post-pregnancy slump. I've been following your blog and Values Parenting blog ever since. Your family is so inspirational! Also, Talmage was in my student ward at Weber State. Anyway, I went on the website to get tickets for TOFW and it said it was sold out. Would love to come see you and your mother speak. Good luck.

  4. I would love to go! I live in Farmington so no problem there. The problem is, I just clicked over there and it says tickets are sold out! Do you know of any way to get some?

  5. I love you blog and read it often even though I'm bad at commenting. I also love your pictures – the lighting is so "happy" I saw that you taught a class at Domestic Bliss awhile back and wondered if you were going to teach another class someday? If so I would love to know the where's and when's!

  6. I am so excited that you will be speaking! I'm on the Ogden TOFW board and was THRILLED when Chrislyn told me you were coming. I LOVE reading your blog and really admire you and your beautiful family!

  7. I bought tickets to TOFW just to hear you and your mom. Can't wait to hear what you (& the other amazing speakers) have to say to us. Good luck, you will do amazing!(I don't think I have ever commented before, but, I adore you. Thanks to Kara for knowing you and marrying into that Pothier family.)

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