Another Time Out for Women has come and gone.

This one was a little different from the others for three reasons: 1) it was close to my home-town, so it was so fun (and also a little nerve-wracking:) to have so many familiar faces there, 2) it was the second biggest event we have done (3,000 women in attendance), and 3) it was the last event my Mom and I get to do together…at least for now.

You see, Time Out for Women is an event put on by Deseret Book, where my Mom and I published our book (click here or here or here for more on that). They pretty much have speakers who publish books with them that year. My mom and I slipped in a second year riding on the coat-tails of our book, but they requested another book before we present again and I just don’t know that a book is in the cards right in this moment of life.

It was bitter-sweet to be “done” with this journey where I have learned SO much and felt so very blessed to be a part of. I hope that some day maybe I can do it again but it feels so good to take something off my plate for right now.

I love that the weather her in the desert cooled down right in time for the event.(That picture was straight from my Mom’s cell phone…is that light gorgeous or what?)

I loved having all my in-town sister-in-laws and my cousin join us amidst the sea of women.

As always, I loved the speakers on Friday night. Macy and Laurel and Brad inspire me to tears every time I hear them (see more about them here). I know they had no idea all the things I’m overwhelmed with in my life right now, but it seemed like each one of them was talking directly to me, whispering words of encouragement and love right from Heaven. I’m so grateful for that.

I took lots of notes.I love that last thought: “A God that requires nothing of us is making nothing of us.” So profound, especially to me in my life right now.

This is how it generally looks in our hotel room the night before we speak at these things. This time we ordered some spinach dip at 11:00 because we were starving.

Here we are in the “green room” the next morning ready to get out on stage:
And here are 3,000 chairs waiting to be filled by wonderful women:
(See those tiny little people in the back? And see that little black thing coming down from the ceiling on the left? That’s a screen to let the people in the back know what the tiny dots on stage who are actually people look like.)

My sweet new friend, Macy Robison is one of the presenters as well as a very good photographer. She took pictures of the event and how fun is that to have this last event of ours captured so nicely. (Thanks Macy!) Here are a few she took:
Can you tell why I love presenting with my Mom so much?
Here’s when I tell a little teeny bit about Lucy:
(see her six toes on that foot?)

(Read more about the “five-facet review” here.)

On Saturday, not only was it Time Out for Women, but it was Time Out for Girls too (in a different room but at the same venue).

And thanks to these sweet Mercy River girls:(I wish all three of them were in the picture but Whitney’s cute baby is representing Soni:)

…Elle and her friend got to come.
They were soooo cute about the whole thing. They sneaked in and sat in our seats on the front row while my Mom and I were presenting. It was so fun to look over and see Elle giving me the “thumbs up” every five minutes or so.

At the break Elle found me again and said, “Mom! I sat next to Hillary Weeks!!” Now she thinks I am a rock star because I know Hillary Weeks. I love it.

These girls adored Carmen Rasmussen as well:Elle was especially mesmerized by her because I had come home from our last event with her in Richmond and googled her appearance on Fear Factor. Anyone who you have seen survive laying handcuffed covered in tarantulas is a sure hit with kids. And then she can sing and give uplifting messages too…

Yeah, she’s pretty amazing.
These girls wished they could be presenters too.

As usual we met so many wonderful women. People who come up and tell you their stories…there are so many strong women doing difficult things in our world. I love how they strengthen each other…and strengthen me too.

And I love my friends.

How fun it was to see so many of them there.
Here we are saying goodbye:

I’m so grateful for Time Out for Women.

My mom stayed for a few days after the event and saved my hide a few times with all the Young Women stuff I was trying to cram into one week. I honestly do not know what I would have done without her.

On the way back from the event, we met Dave and my brother here for dinner:
That place has special significance since that’s where my Mom and I went to eat when we first started brainstorming and getting serious about writing a book years ago. Little did we know back then what amazing experiences that book would lead us to.

How I adore my mother and the fun times we’ve had over the past two years.

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  1. Hi Shawni –
    Looks like a great time was had by all. I do have a question – I notice that in all the pictures of your friends, your kids' friends, your church, any events – there are no African American people. Do you or your family associate with people of color as peers at all? Your kids are not really getting exposed to the real world if not. Would you allow your kids to be BFFs with African American children, and welcome them into your home, take them to your church, etc? Just wondering.

  2. I'm sad that you won't be part of 'Time Out' anymore. I was hoping to see you at an upcoming event in Ogden in Feb. 🙁 But so happy for you that you have one less thing to juggle. Keep up the good work!

  3. It was so good to meet you and your sweet daughter at TOFW. Thanks to her we got a picture with you! 🙂
    I'm really glad that I was able to hear you speak at TOFW. Your blog is really the only reason that I even bought the tickets… now I can't wait to go back next year!
    You and your mother are a wonderful pair. I hope another book will be available from the both of you in the future. 🙂
    Thank you both for your inspiration to us all.

  4. I'm waiting for you to write a book on dealing with I.W.A.N syndrome! You're the only person out there who seems to have it as bad as I do!

    I don't know you personally, but I've been reading 71toes for years. I would like to touch on "TazLady's" point- the thing that has impressed my so much with your blog and your mother's blog is your acceptance of people of all religions and backgrounds. Your blog speaks loud and clear on that.

  5. I meant no harm – just noticed the lack of "color" in visitors to home, church, etc. I am sure Shawni and her family are accepting and tolerant to all races. But does the "acceptance" go as far as welcoming into their intimate world? Maybe it's just a question of geography. I would like to see those obviously great kids reach out to some of the black kids in their school (if there are any). Bring them home for a "late night" visit. It will give them a glimpse into a world other than their own.

  6. Hope you have a restful well deserved break. Wish you were a presenter here in Cincinnati this year- I would have been there for sure! It's fun to see a familiar face on your blog- your friend Kristy C. is an old acquaintance from dental school days. I miss her hair skills!

  7. I do not know how I stumbled across your blog, but I love it. Honestly I love photographer and uplifting blogs. Two birds, one stone! I wonder if you can tell me the name of the lady you are standing next to in the picture of all of the speakers. She looks like a teacher I had in the MTC 14 years ago. Her name was Sister Belcher.

  8. You are the hippest person I know! I love all your clothes. You may have already answered this – but where do you shop? And specifically, where did you get the awesome shirt in this post with the yellow belt (and where did you find the great belt?? Please tell!

  9. Shawni!
    I was at the time out for women in phx.
    can i just say "wow!"

    thank you. i didnt get to meet you, but i just wanted to say that.

    Andrea Hunt

  10. What an incredible event! My mom and my sisters and I have made TOFW a yearly getaway with each other. We live in Mesa but we stay at a hotel in Phoenix and have a girls weekend. I was so excited to hear you and your mom speak since I "kind of" feel like I know you. I used to work at Gilbert Ped's (and my dad is Dr Guthrie) and I'd seen you before. My mom introduced herself to you at TOFW and I and my other sister were next to her. 🙂
    You guys did a great job and I am so thankful to be able to read your blog. It is helping me to become a better mother. I work at it daily but some days, I feel like a failure. It is a lot harder than I thought! 🙂 But oh so worth it.

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