…for Christmas cards.

Which means that dads all across the nation are grumbling and moms are looking for something coordinating for kids to wear for Christmas pictures. At least that’s what happens in our neck of the woods.

And photographers, like I used to be, are not sleeping and scarcely surviving because they are shooting and editing on a continual basis.

This is the time of year when I thank my lucky stars that I gave up my little photography business (back here).

Sure, there are times here and there when I miss it.

But not now. I have no idea how I ever used to fit in all those photo-shoots.

I’m going simple as pie this year on our Christmas card because I love my husband (he abhors the Christmas card photo-shoot). And because I can scarcely breathe with the commitments I’ve landed myself with let alone whip my kids (and my dear husband) into shape for a family picture.

Oh yes, we’ll still send one of course, because Christmas cards are one of my very favorite things about Christmas. I LOVE to stay in touch with old friends and know what they are doing across the globe. And I know I’ll be sad that I didn’t do something creative when all the beautiful cards from others come rolling in.

But there’s always next year.

This year we’ll use a random picture from the recesses of my photo archive from this year and we’ll slap them together fast (hopefully).

All these thoughts reminded me of my favorite Christmas picture of our family from years ago:

Is Grace not just the best ever in that thing? Oh I love my little poser.

We really did send that out.

Sure, we included this one too:But that first one was the real deal.

That’s a real Christmas card picture as far as I’m concerned:)

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  1. Shawni, I love how you always keep things real! What a gift you are!
    Npw, excuse me while I go hunting for coordinating sweaters for the 12 family members that will be in our Christmas picture this year!

  2. Love it! Definitely keeping it real there!

    I am not even going to try to get a family photo. I'm just going to use 4 good ones of the kids from late summer onwards and create a collage.

  3. Real photos tend to be a bit more fun than the posed photos as it shows people's life in reality. Having little kids is chaotic and it's all about the surviving the moment. When we look back on those photo's we realize how special that time was and how quickly it goes. You captured a moment in time and you will always smile when you see that photo because it is embedded in your heart.

  4. We did love that one.

    I didn't want to stress the family out either. We took a few consecutive Sunday night walks in the hopes of snagging something doable. It was more fun that way, and they were accomodation to "play" photoshoot with me.

  5. we are having a friend shoot a few pictures of us for our Christmas card. I am wanting to also get a "real" photo to send out and show our "true colors" because we certainly aren't all decked out and coordinating and smiling EVER! 🙂

  6. This year I was on the ball booked the photographer and everything. I co-ordinated all our kids clothes, told my hubby what colours we were wearing, he told me he had a TON in his closet, and not to buy new for him. the day came, he got dressed, i was like 'umh' i told you grey, and you siad you had a ton. he said, i meant a ton of clothes, nothing grey.. aaggg.. you can imagine how the rest of that day went!!! We got a picture, and for that i am froever grateful!!! Where do you get yours printed up?

  7. Shawni, I totally remember and loved this card. Andrew and I laughed so hard at the expression on Dave's face when we got it and I laughed again today. We've all been there. Love you!

  8. With the economy the way it is for some, many of my friends & family have stopped mailing Christmas Cards. I miss them. I mostly get Christmas Cards from Companies now which are really less exciting. But as much as I love Christmas Cards I don't usually get mine out until after January it's more of a Valentine's Day Card for us.

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