I was just barely fifteen for crying out loud!

Not sure how this happened!

This beautiful little baby of ours with the big blue eyes:


…and grew, and now she’s this girl who’s almost looking me right in the eye she’s getting so tall!

I love this girl with all my heart. Fifteen things I love:

1) She knows what she likes. Whether it’s a particular type of food or a particular card game. She gets hooked. She carried her “guys” around with her everywhere she went (in the pink bag at the beach):

…and on the windowsill along with her beloved letters that she still loves.

Her Dora doll was her constant companion for years and years…along with that pouty face sometimes 🙂

2) She is an artist. Even as a little girl she came up with the most creative creations with her markers:

3) She was my girly-girl. She went through a serious Princess phase:

(and also had the most immaculate handwriting!)

Sure, every girl goes through the Princess phase I guess, but she was my only girl to go through the American Doll phase, and that was fun for her mom;)

4) She learned to try things that were really hard for her:

5) She is the best tandem bike partner, her hair flying in the wind behind her mother

6) She has joined her mother to be the biggest lover of sunsets in the family, even though I don’t know how she sees them these days, she SOAKS those things in.

7) She grew to LOVE reading:

8) Which, I personally think, made her love writing too:

I LOVE the things she writes…like the last line in this one:

9) And her imagination is a wonderland:

10) She’s been through her fair-share of medical stuff and she is so brave:

11) She always comes through with shining colors:

12) She is the best caboose, has siblings who sure adore her:

(Not pictured because I’m trying to hustle: Max, who she claimed for years that she loved the most:)

13) She is very into birthdays! Her own (which she starts planning months before), but also other’s who she loves, and it is so endearing:

14) She is exuberant (especially when she’s in a good mood…ha!) She makes life so fun.

15) She is the best chess partner. A card shark. The best buddy to have around.

16) (Sorry I used up my numbers too fast so I’m still going…) She asks the best questions. She is always concerned about how everyone is feeling. She asks how our days were. She worries if we sigh that we might be sad or worried about things, she’s like a little mother hen. And when she does something that is not so nice, she is so quick to apologize.

17) She knows her Savior, and loves Him, and tries to follow His example. She loves to share her testimony in church and loves to take notes during the talks, she FEELS God in her life. And that is a beautiful thing.

She is learning that she is good at doing hard things. Like walking to school with her eyes closed to raise money for a charity:

She lights up our lives.

And we are the luckiest to have her.

Love you forever Lu!

Hope it’s the best birthday ever!

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  1. Aw, sweet Lucy! I hope your day is extra special like you and that you feel well celebrated!
    We readers are lucky to have watched Lucy grow up and become the beautiful young woman that she is. I am constantly impressed and inspired by her determination and love! Those pictures made me smile so big. Thanks for sharing your girl with me.

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