…of total bliss.


Those twenty-one years have been filled to the brim with so many things.  Bliss, yes.  But heartache too.  For each other, for others, for our kids, for things we can’t change.  Fights and door-slamming and deep, wonderful heartfelt talks delving into each other’s hearts all mixed in together.  Laughing until we are both bawling, and also bawling until there’s nothing to do but laugh.  Adventure and knowing smiles no one but us will ever really understand.  And some more fights and misunderstandings mixed in along the way.  Followed up by more clarity and love than before.

I was looking over at Dave on the plane last week in gratitude and complete awe that twenty-one years ago he chose me.  We went to the temple and got married forever and ever.

Little could that young and twitter-pated “me” know back then how much more I could love: twenty-one billion times more than I ever could have imagined.
Love you baby.
I wrote out how we fell in love a while back and just re-read it to celebrate this morning 😉  The links are HERE and HERE and HERE if you’re interested.  And also how he’s my number one HERE.

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  1. Happy Anniversary! What a sweet love story!

    I have a question, and if it's too personal I apologize and you don't have to answer. I've always been curious about the LDS custom of marrying in the temple forever, including the afterlife.

    Does that mean that if God forbid, something should happen to either one of you, that the other one couldn't remarry? Not that you'd necessarily want to, but could you? Since your marriage in the temple was forever and you are still married to that person even after death?


    1. Hi Maria, obviously I'm not Shawni, but I am LDS so maybe I can help answer your question. Yes we believe that when a couple is sealed in the temple they are married forever. If one person dies then the surviving person can remarry. People who remarry usually choose to just be married for "time" and not eternity, since they are still sealed to their first spouse. Their second marriage is companionship and love for the rest of earth life. At least that's how I understand it. Second marriages are pretty common. I hope that answers your question 🙂

  2. Courtney, thank you! I appreciate it! I am glad to hear that a widow or widower is allowed to remarry and not be lonely the rest of their earthly life.

    I don't guess the deceased spouse is jealous looking down at their forever sealed mate being with someone else – intimately – and possibly having kids with that person…. and I assume that the second marriage is not bigamous or adulterous – being that they're still married to someone else?

    1. No I don't think there would be any jealousy, I think most people would want their spouse to be happy not lonely if they passed on. We don't know how everything works in the afterlife but for the answers we don't have we just have faith that everything will be worked out in heaven 🙂

    2. Ditto again. Thanks Courtney, I've been at a BBS conference the last couple days, so I"m grateful for your great answers. Re-marrying after a death is always a tricky thing, LDS or not. Dave and I actually talk about it every now and again. He claims he wouldn't get re-married if I passed away because of the stress to the kids, but I hope he would! I wouldn't want him to be lonely or raise our kids by himself. I don't think you can ever really figure anything out like that before you're actually in the situation so I just hope both of us pass away peacefully in our sleep when we are 105 years old and never have to worry about it 🙂 I"m sure every situation is pretty unique and I think it would take a lot of prayer and guidance-seeking to figure out what would be best for each individual family.

  3. Nice interchange Maria and Courtney! We're so happy for the grand opportunity for eternal marriage. Among other things, it is a great fuel for real commitment!

  4. I know this will sound completely off the topic, but my daughter is getting married and her husband has a love of the color blue and insists on there being blue in the color theme. I haven't seen a single shirt that I've liked for the men, until I saw your husband's shirt. Can you tell me the brand and possibly where it was purchased. Sorry, I know this is off topic.

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