Dave’s back.

We’re all happy as clams about it.

He came home bearing many Chinese knock-off gifts. I’d say the winner for the best gift was a pile of new crocs for Lu. And I’m talking, a whole pile, some even with those little things you attach to some of the holes. And some of them are even dogs. Lu’s in Heaven.

(Her last ones got run over by a car in a parking lot…they were REALLY ready for some replacements since she naps in them, bathes in them, sleeps in them each night, etc. Yep, it’s safe to say that girl LOVES her shoes.)

Dave and I lay in bed last night counting how many days he’s slept in our bed over the last 38 days. We counted four. (He was home for six, but hey, who wants to sleep with a woman who cannot stop coughing no matter what she tries??)

Even though I got to be with him half the time he was gone, still, it’s the best feeling to be wrapped up snug in our own bed knowing our kids are sleeping safe and sound close-by.

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  1. YOu are a very good woman! I freak out when Mike is out of town for 2 nights. But since we have all been sick this month, it would be interesting to count how many nights we were in the same bed, without kids coughing all night long.

  2. Sweet sweet post Shawni! Glad you are all back together. I am just now getting caught up on blogs as I haven’t had internet for a week. I missed your blog a ton!

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