Man oh man, we just arrived home from quite a ride to soak up our Hawaii daughter for a couple days before she heads back to school.
So much more about how in the world this came about soon, because I’m telling you what, just getting there was an adventure in and of itself but for now I just figured I’d share our traditional jumping pictures from that gorgeous place.
Here we go:

Can you believe that water color and that surrounding beauty?

Pictures really cannot do it justice.

I’ll wait to reveal where it is until I get a chance to post about it, but I bet you can guess 😉


  1. Just out of curiosity, it seems like you favor Elle over the other girls, she has gotten quite a few trips and I know grace had her adventure, but why couldn't they all go to banff? How do you "even" out who is getting what or do the kids just not care

    1. School started for the others. It's not favoritism. I'm sure they would have connected just fine in AZ. But with study abroads, mission, college and marriage she is running out of time.

    2. I can see how it would look like that, but kms is right, everyone else is in school and we know this time is fleeting like crazy! We plan to take all our kids on an individual trip like this while they're in college. Our older kids have had the opportunity to do more than our younger kids so far just because we've had more time with them on this earth:)

  2. I just got back from there too, last week! Stayed at Moraine Lake Lodge and went canoeing there. It was gorgeous! It was very smokey when I was there though. That would've shocked me to see you there. You don't know me but I've read your blog for years. 🙂

  3. Geez! You jump just as high as your 20 year old daughter!! I can imagine it's pretty great getting quality solo time with just one kid, especially when you won't see her for the next few months. Can't wait to hear more about this beautiful place!

  4. FABULOUS! My first thought was, "who is that girl jumping with Elle? Then I realized it was you! My gosh, we've been to Banff but we only saw a big huge hotel and the mountains around it! What were we thinking? This scenery and those "jumping girls" are surreal!

  5. Try having them get their hair wet before getting in a pool and leaving a tiny bit of conditioner in it – that's what I have to do!

    1. Hi KatyBelle, your other comments deleted with the unkind ones because they group them together, but I wanted to thank you for your kindness.

      To others who may get frustrated with what I post here, please remember the internet is very full of other things that may interest you more than this blog!

      Kindness matters and I choose kindness on this blog.

  6. Because of you, our family has now started jumping photos. Our favorite are on beaches with the sunset behind us. They are just sillouhettes and they're amazing! I don't know why you get all the negative comments. I love seeing your adventures you soak up with your children and it reminds me to do the same!

  7. I was in Cuba last week on vacation and got some cool jumping shots with the beautiful ocean in the background because I thought of you guys doing it!

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