Lucy LOVES the trampoline. I mean, what’s a stronger word?…she ADORES it, she can’t get enough of it. If I’d let her sleep out there she’d be as pleased as punch. The older kids love to bounce her with all their friends. It’s the new after-school past time around here. I love love love watching all those big boys be so gentle and cute with her.
Of course, the other kids love it too…

Elle’s sleeping over at the zoo right now. Yep, you read that right. The zoology club got to go sleep over there last night. All I can say is I hope she didn’t freeze. I can’t wait to hear all about it when she gets home.

The loud, funky music blasting through the house isn’t working as I had intended: to get the kids all juiced up for their Saturday jobs. Instead it’s turned into a dance fest out there. I guess I better go get them cracking on finishing their chores so they can be done in time for the big end-of-season b-ball party at Peter Piper Pizza in an hour. Hallelujah, I don’t have to be team mom anymore. No wonder I never volunteered for that stuff before, I have no talent in that category. Dave and Max did awesome this season though.

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  1. My internet has been down, so I’ve played catch-up this morning on my favorite blogs. I loved you post on motherhood ideas. I am stealing a few! Like lunch dates. I have been wanting to do that for awhile. I know my girls would LOVE it.

    I’ve also been thinking of you all weekend. Adam has been away for five days and it feels like 50. I am so ready for him to be home. I miss him so much, Don’t know how you did it for 10 days. I would have crumbled!

  2. That’s an awesome picture of Lucy! Cute lil porcupine. šŸ™‚ Fun that Elle got to sleep at the zoo. We absolutely have to have great tunes while cleaning and thoroughly enjoy those time outs to break it down! So cute! Great post!

  3. Shawni, I love how you caught Lucy’s hair like that! hey Im coming for 2 weeks in April…we should have a cousin get togther! Tell jennie and Kara and christy and Angela and whoever else wants to. Also, I will definitely keep in mind your motherhood ideas…I need your ideas!

  4. Ha! I love that picture of the staticy hair! I switched gyms…to one closer to my house! Hopefully we can still keep in touch and get together, maybe when Karen comes?

  5. The trampoline is by far the best toy that we have ever purchased. It gets used almost everyday up until July–September. I went jumping with Ike and realized what great excercise it is for the kids, I was out of breath in minutes.

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