So my husband is a triathlete. I may not have mentioned that before, because there are so many other qualities I could go on and on about with this guy. I don’t say a whole lot on the blog because he hates sappiness and when I talk about him I am sappy. But sometimes you just have to say what you think. I mean, seriously, he works so hard, he keeps us all laughing, he has a killer smile (with very good-looking dimples), he gets up early and works out five days a week (he puts his workout clothes outside our bedroom so he won’t wake me up…how thoughtful is that?), he does things that make me happy…camping, road trips in traffic with crying kids…he even let me talk him into having five kids (yes it was very hard work on my part, but in the end he agreed). He made a deal with me that he’d give me five minute back rubs every night that our back yard BBQ grill remains unfinished (he came up with the idea himself…it’s been a couple months now and I think he’s getting serious about actually fixing the thing and quitting the back rubs…now I’m trying to convince him that it looks just fine in cement…I’d rather keep the back rubs). This guy fixed our toilet flusher handle last weekend for crying out loud! Ok, I’m trying not to get cheesy, but I do realize I am a very lucky girl to be married to my best friend (oops, sappy again). Anyway, he competed in his fourth triathlon this last weekend and he did awesome despite getting a flat tire. The fact that he changed it in 14 minutes is what amazes me. And he still beat his last race time by a minute. What a guy.
We went to watch him run over the finish line, but didn’t make it quite in time due to an accident where we needed to cross over the freeway and having to go through the whole airport to turn around (ok, and I slept in too late), but we got there right after he finished and we’re so proud of this guy. Look how handsome he is even after swimming, biking, and running.

Dave’s friend flew down from Vegas to do the race with him. This is a picture of them the night before the race. I know “cute” isn’t a normal description of two men getting ready for a triathlon, but I must say these two were so darn cute getting everything together.

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  1. I’m hoping that some of the genetics I share with Dave include some of the same great attributes you included. He really is great, and you gotta love tose dimples!

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