Ok, here are two more of Grace’s videos.

Makes me want to pack my bags and head right back on over to those magical places.

Just FYI on this France one…the shot with Lucy that looks like she has a bloody nose is actually her chocolate ice cream between Musee D’Orsay and The Louvre.  That girl makes us crack up because we can’t figure out how she manages to get food in some pretty funny places, forehead, ears, hair, you name it.

Posts about our time in France are HERE and HERE and HERE.

Here’s the one from England:

england from grace pothier on Vimeo.

Posts from there are HERE and HERE and HERE.

Grace, you rock.

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  1. Grace, these are fantastic! Loved the way you had Lucy's squeals of delight come through and her fabulous laugh! Also, how you captured the sights and tastes. What wonderful memories made and recorded! What a treasure! –M

  2. Totally Ditto on these comments! I've never seen Lucy so happy! Grace, thanks for capturing such perfect moments! You have captured an amazing amount of family history and joy in this epic adventure in such a short amount of time. You are not only a an amazing videographer but a terrific editor! You caught the essence in what must have been a lot of video! Love it! Love you!

  3. i have a very VERY unrelated parenting question for you: what do you do, or think one should do, if your child really disappoints you or disobeys you? i mean, do you ever find yourself feeling upset and at wits end? and if so, what helps you to get through that time and come out on top? how do you find a balance between being a parent to your child and having good relationships with them, while not becoming 'the best friend' or 'correction officer'? any advice you can grant me is appreciated, thanks!

    1. Very good question Holly. I would love to give this some time in a Q&A soon because seriously, I think every mother feels upset and at her wit's end so much! I actually wrote a few posts about "wit's end" a while back. One is here: https://71toes.com/2008/06/wits-end.html

      I think what helps the most is to know that you are not alone. There are mothers all over the world who are at Wit's End. Some of them may not show it, (I know I don't enough here on this blog, especially lately because I've been trying to highlight all the light and wonderful things that happened this summer…and social media often makes us THINK other moms have it all together), BUT we all have kids who disobey, disappoint, make us crazy. That's just the nature of motherhood. That's what we learn from, even though often times it makes us cry and wring our hands before we realize what in the world we're supposed to be learning. But you are not alone trying to find the balance and trying to figure out how to come out on top.

      Part of that comes with patience. Part comes with letting your kids get a little older and "figuring them out" a bit more (toddlers really have no self control, I'm sure of it, which is infuriating sometimes to a mother!). But even as teenagers (well, sometimes especially as teenagers!) and every stage of life as I'm learning now with one on a mission and one in college, that balance is hard to come by.

      But the biggest part that helps me not to feel alone (for me at least) comes from knowing that there is someone we can look to to help us through it all. Not only are we not alone as mothers because other mothers face the same kinds of issues, we are not alone because God is watching over us. And He is a God of second chances. And every night when we go to bed and think to ourselves, "I have failed." we can know that tomorrow is a new day.

      As for the balance between "best friend" an "correction officer" I think that will be a balance I will always be trying to figure out. It's so unique and individual depending on our personalities and family style, how we were raised, how our spouse was raised. But I know that we can each figure out what is best for our own family and children as we seek to be deliberate in how we parent. And seek help from above. It's work, there's no question about that, and sometimes it is grueling and we are certainly in the trenches, but in the whole scheme of things, but sometimes it helps to pause and realize that even when it doesn't seem like it, we have the power to raise God's children to be happy and have joy as they contribute and spread their wings some day. When I remember to think of it like that, it's the most gratifying and amazing work in the world.

      It sounds like you are certainly in the trenches and my heart reaches out to you because I've been there, and I AM there every day and I know it is tough work. But I can tell you're doing your best as you seek answers and as you continue to do that you will figure it out.

      I'll try to get to writing about some more examples of this because boy howdy, I am sure trying to figure this all out every day.

  4. Way to go Lucy!! What wonderful experiences your children have.
    The videos were AMAZING! Also curious if the videos were made with SLR or phone.

    1. Thank you! Almost all the clips were taken with a Canon 6D, but I think the one in the museum in England is from a cell phone because we didn't have footage there and we wanted to remember it.

  5. That was my question! How did she get the twinkling lights on the eiffel tower to go in and out of focus? That was a professional video! 🙂 Wowzers! Do they edit in final cut?

    1. Yes Elle and Grace use Final Cut Pro for videos. And to blur and not blur you just change the focus on the SLR. Thanks for the nice comments. I've passed them all along to Grace who blushes:)

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