We’re back. I can’t catch up. Do I sound like a broken record?? I can’t believe Thanksgiving is in two weeks! Dave’s sister and her husband are staying with us this weekend (pictures later) and my sister comes next weekend, then a bunch of other family the day after Thanksgiving. We can’t wait but I’m overwhelmed trying to get back in the swing of life. I still haven’t unpacked my suitcase but instead of doing all the stuff I need to do I’m blogging.
So, the trip. First of all I have to say, I LOVE scuba diving. Second of all, to travel with no kids, no strollers, no bottles, no kid snacks or toys for the airplane, no diapers, wipes (you get the picture), is enough in itself an exceptional treat. But Dave talked me out of bringing my big camera too. So I’m telling you, it was like I was floating through that airport with nothing but a backpack on my back. I could NOT stop telling Dave how weird it felt to be so “weightless.” Going through the security was a piece of cake with no sleeping babies to have to wake up to take out of the stroller and try to juggle on your hip along with a big camera bag while you try to maneuver folding up the stroller, getting it on the x-ray machine, taking off your belt, shoes etc. and having to pack it all up again at the other end. At the moment I stuck nothing but my bag on the security belt and walked through with no beeps or babies I knew we were in for a great trip. You can tell we were pretty excited.We went on this trip with some great friends, the Farnsworths, and four other couples we didn’t know before we left. We loved hanging with the Farnsworths and getting to know these other great couples (Osbornes, Hatfields, Collins and Frosts). Most of them have teenage kids and I loved picking their brains for good parenting ideas. They were also awesome scuba divers and made me feel so much more relaxed with the dives. They had under-water cameras and I’ll have to post those pictures later (they’re on Dave’s computer which is out of batteries). More info. on amazing dives then.

We drove around the island two times to check out the beaches. Aqua blue water, white sand…it was paradise. The first time we rented scooters and the second time we rented a red bug. Here’s our scooter shadow. One of the guys we were with lost his leg in a boating accident when he was young. He was so amazing with his prosthesis, through scuba diving with one fin to great tricks on the scooter…a great beach lunch place on the tip of the island
the boys LOVED body surfing on this great beach we found.I love being with this guy.

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  1. Wow! Now that looks like a lot of fun. It is so pretty. Isn’t it great to actually spend time with your husband and just play? I miss mine. We need to do something like that. We are going away this weekend and your pictures got me even more excited. Great pictures even without your big camera. I am glad that you are enjoying the pecans. I need to take Anne there and better document the “Felicity costume” experience.

  2. Shawni,
    It was so fun to see you guys yesterday and to hold your super cute Lucy-lou! I am with you on getting into the swing of things…I feel like time is going too fast and I have so much to do. I just kind of want to get back to that lazy fun we had last week. Way to go on the scuba, you were a natural!

  3. Looks like you guys had so much fun! You guys look so tan! Can’t wait to hear all the details. I know you have been on lots of trips but we want to plan another couples one soon.

  4. hahahhah! i am laughing about the comments on your tan. looks like you were ok without the hemp lotion!! i like the pictures! i should email you the ones of me with the kids at home so you can put those up for comparison. i bet we had more fun!!!

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