This girl:

has a new trick:

She can climb out of her crib…which really isn’t pretty for anyone.

Sure, she’s almost three. I know oodles of kids have this trick down-pat by now. But what is so significant about this is that she’s our FIRST child out of all five to do it. Syndrome and all. Not one of our others ever learned.

So, trouble or not, hooray for Lucy. I can’t help but be proud of her.

Now to figure out how to manage to keep her in bed at nap and bedtime so the “monster” side of her doesn’t overpower the “heart-melter” side…

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  1. Shawni-

    My triplets did pulled the climbing out of their crib trick – get the crib tent from Babies – r – Us. Bet $80 you will EVER spend. They are open until 9:00pm too!

    Good luck!

    Toby Barlow

  2. I only had one learn to climb out…ugh!!! It was tough. I didn't know about crib tents then so I put a great gate on her door and put her in a big girl bed. This too shall pass, but it is really hard in the meantime! Good for her though….she has her own special award in your home! Precious!

    I am giving away a Target gift card today! Check it out!

  3. I actually taught my two oldest grandchildren to climb out of their cribs. It was a proud day for me. Not so popular with the parents. But then it afforded me the opportunity to lay with them at nap time and cuddle, read, learn ABC's, count, and tell stories before they fell asleep. That's some of my most treasured times with them. My youngest grandchild never really liked sleeping in his crib to begin with so he was in a big boy bed long before he was able to learn how to climb out. Good job Lucy!

  4. There's one in every family. The one child of mine to do it is also my 5th. Darn little girl! I bought the crib-tent. We made a big deal of her getting to sleep in a "tent" and now she loves it. Well, she LOVED it until she decided to sleep on the top bunk bed…wich is working out.
    SO… seeing how I don't need our "tent" anymore, let me know if you would like to try it out. You can have it 🙂

  5. So cute! We haven't had a crib escapee yet. Though, we currently have a diaper remover and a spitter (grape juice is now forbidden). Don't you love the differences in the personalities?! Hope all is well!

  6. Cribs what are cribs? We just snuggle our youngest right between us each night. My husband laughs that we even put a crib up. This time I blamed it on the broken shoulder that I couldn't lift Eliza in and out. We just set up bunk bed in the new house and she has slept their once. Her "dolly" pillow stays in her place on our bed. I love it. Yes, I am baby hungry too. Trying to start a 2/3 year old dance class. would love to have Lucy in it.

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