We are dwindling rapidly with the kids around here, but hey, Lucy is still semi-into the dress-up game.

She dressed up as Tris Prior (from Divergent) for a party this weekend and I think she did a pretty good job!

(Had to include the one on the right so you could tell she consented to have her hair different from one braid in the back for this night…big deal around here!)

I talked about our church trunk-or-treat party a little in the last post, but here are some pics:

Our kitchen was filled up tot the brim with preparations…(each church organization had particular jobs to help).

I was in charge of making a whole slew of these pumpkin rolls:

(just frozen dough, colored, that you make cuts in to bake and use veggie straws as the stems)

Our park filled right up with all the festivities:

Love that even though Jo and Aja have moved to a rental home, they came back to join in the festivities:

That, up there, was Lucy’s first try being “Tris.” As you can see, she has upped her game a little since then;)

“Three Musketeers” unite:

Poor Lucy. She sure gets doted on. Sometimes she likes it and sometimes she can hardly stand it:) But she’s surviving!

Only one more day until Dave and I are done with our little bet that we have to make it a few weeks without our vises: mine cookies and his soda, but we both aren’t eating sugar either.

So let’s see if we can make it through the trick-or-treating without caving. Ha!

Hope everyone has the best Halloween!

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