The temperature around here seems to be hovering in the 117 degree range.

It is hot.

So the other night we found ourselves in the pool.

This wasn’t new to anyone else, these kids are in that thing practically every night, but this night I decided to join them, and there was something magical about swimming those laps back and forth, back and forth, blue lights filtering through the water, so calm all around.

Elle reminded us all that we used to do this for “Tuesday Night Swim Club” when all the kids were younger (I talked about that back HERE).

And that made me nostalgic for those old days where things were simple and there were no big worries and stresses filling up the air.

And also made me grateful that I was there, then, with no phone and no agenda. Just “being.”

And then there, and then again that night with all these big kids.

I don’t want to ever take this time for granted.

And since Lucy didn’t make it in that “little kid” picture above, let’s just watch this little video of her on the sidelines during one of those Tuesday Night shin-digs:

How did I not just eat her up?

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  1. Great pix & video.

    I chuckled at how Lucy had the hiccups:)

    Just curious, how do people cope with the heat in Arizona?

    Does everywhere have air con, including the houses?

    Also, does anyone walk in those temp or is it too hot?

    We had a heatwave in the UK last week & it got up to nearly 90f a couple of days. Hardly any houses here have air con & it was sooooo hot!

    1. I’m in southern Nevada, so a pretty similar climate to Phoenix. Yes, the majority of the houses have a/c or at least a swamp cooler. All the stores have a/c as well, and they usually keep it way too cold! 🙂 About the summers, I always tell people “You hibernate in the winter, we hibernate in the summer.” I exercise 6 days a week, and I get up early to go out and beat the heat. Football practice for high schoolers and club teams starts in August, and they typically practice in the evenings. My son does cross country and they practice in the afternoons, even in August when it’s well over 100. They just make sure to stay well hydrated.

    2. Yes thank you Rorie! WE are so grateful for AC this time of year! I think part of you gets used to the heat, and part of you never does…and it goes on and on forever…in to October!. But at least by then it starts to cool off at night, and that is such a welcome change! Then it gets PERFECT for about six to eight months so it makes braving the heat worth it 🙂

  2. 117?!? I can’t even get my head around what it’s like to live in a place that hot! It seems very exotic even though I live in the same country :). Are gyms and other places open in your area? Even though we only get hottest temps in the 90s, it’s been tough exercising with our gyms closed and pools with occupancy restrictions. I like living in my urban neighborhood, but I am a bit envious of your spacious pool this time of year (though not enough to bear 100+ temps). Are you not much of a pool person? Or just not much for splashing with the kids?

    1. A few gyms are open but people are still out running and walking and biking even in the heat. You just have to go early! I was out at 5:30 this morning and it was so beautiful, but also still pretty dang hot!!

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