Last year was the tenth anniversary year of this little thing that has grown so much over the years from just a little neighborhood group in the park by our house to this:

And this:

I don’t know if I ever even posted about what happened last year…the “Turkey Trot Dream Team” (as I like to call them), made it available for everyone to do their own “virtual” runs with their families (due to COVID), and it was really cool to see so many still run with that tradition over social media.

But this year we were back at it for the actual tenth time.

Who knew how it would go after a covid break? Would people show up? The answer was yes.

Man alive, this tradition seems to still be alive and well.

Because of Elle and Carson’s sealing coming up we had a bunch of my family in town to bask in all the fun this year…here are some of them:

And Dave’s trusty family who always does such a lion’s share to help, I am SO GRATEFUL.

Some cousin couples:

Not sure what’s happening in this pose…

Some medium-aged cousins:

Some good friends:

This tradition is pretty magical when you’re in the middle of it.

Pretty nutty-crazy when you’re in the prep stage (speaking for the Turkey Trot dream team, not me who was in my own little world this year getting ready for the rest of the hoopla going on).

Early-morning set-up:

(After the late-night packet-pick up and set up all those guys do.)

And later with the crowds:

Heading over to the start line:

(Which has had to be moved a few years ago because the huge crowds couldn’t fit in the mall area any more).

The “fun run” starting line for the national anthem:

See Elle’s good friend over there on that lift with the flag singing away? She is so good!

I stood on the sideline with tears welling up behind my sunglasses as all those people poured through that start line.

And then again when I saw people I know and love running along:

I love watching all these cute families coming to the start line. All smiles, all grateful. All happy on Thanksgiving day.

Had to check it all out before I had to get back to my “Families Fighting Blindness” station:)

Lucy and her friends who ran the Fun Run were already through:

This year they even had medals:

And of course, doughnuts (as always):

Loved this sweet reunion of Claire and my sister Charity who she hadn’t seen since Char moved back from London last summer (Claire was in the Netherlands for our reunion and missed that reunion):

She was so excited to meet her new twins and reunite with her bigger kids too:

Also some good volleyball friends who graduated last year reunited:

Love that we got to have both our married couples here this year.


The best cheering guy at the finish line:

Sweetie sissies:

The best friend/helpers:


Still running to fight blindness the best we know how!

Dave’s family still around at the end:

Some of the seriously incredible helpers:


And this other “family” who we count as our own:

The crew who makes it all possible:

They are incredible in every way and I’m so lucky I get to rub shoulders with them.

And that’s a wrap!

Another Turkey Trot in the books.

Information about our Turkey Trot:

Turkey Trot Website (with some good videos:)

Blog posts about previous Trots

Charities served (100% of all proceeds are given to local nonprofit organizations making a difference in countless children’s lives):

AZ BrainFood

Families Fighting Blindness

More about Lucy’s syndrome (BBS)

BBS Conference and my kind of rock stars

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  1. Shawni, You and your family do so much good in the world! I am standing and applauding you here in KS. Thanks for being a bright light in a dark world and reminding all of us to shine our lights wherever we are. Hugs from afar!

  2. LOVED seeing these fabulous pictures. It made me cry to see all those throngs celebrating and moving together for a good causes! The logistics on this are entirely impossible! No one will ever know what that takes! Love love love!

  3. Woohoo! I weirdly got emotional seeing you post about the turkey trot again after last year’s hiatus. I also love that you shared how it just started in a park. Sometimes I’m sad about the lack of fun things like this in our area, but this is a great reminder to START THE THING!

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