Each year we run the annual Turkey Trot on the morning of Thanksgiving. It’s a race where you can choose to run one mile, two miles, or the whole enchilada: the 10k. Well, I’ve had a couple years of semi good intentions to actually run the 10k with Dave, but somehow my plans always get foiled. …Or do I secretly just try to find ways to get out of it? Or is it that I have five kids who can’t quite do the 10k yet and I don’t know who would take care of them if I weren’t there? Or is it that Dave secretly doesn’t want me to run with him because I’m slow as molasses? Hmmm.

Last year my sister and I were all on board and set to do it but she was barely pregnant and at the last minute had some worries about running. So we held back, did the 2 miles, then snuck in to the 10k for a few miles. Total cheaters.

This year we woke up to pouring rain. And, well, I guess I don’t even need to mention that a mixture of rain and Lucy in a stroller running through it wouldn’t be a good choice any way you look at it. I sent Dave with Max and Elle and joined them half way through after the sun came out. Cheating again.

Next year is my year. I can just feel it.

But even if you cheat, the Turkey Trot is awesome. Such a great way to start off Thanksgiving.The real runners:Claire was totally into it. She ran almost two miles with her little sweatshirt flying out behind her. I can’t say the same for these two…Dave totally beat the turkey, who runs every year. And he’s pretty fast.
This year Thanksgiving included a bunch of Dave’s family. Two of his siblings live here and three came from out of town (there are nine all together, just like my family, so it’s great to get to hang with them as much as we can). Dave’s youngest sister Annie and her husband and new baby stayed with us. It was so great to get my hands on that baby and snuggle him up and to catch up with what they’re doing in Oregon.After the Turkey Trot we came home to get all set to head over to the in-law’s for the big dinner. (I kept thanking my lucky stars all week that I didn’t have to host this year…thanks Angela!!) Claire and Grace really wanted to be a Pilgrim and an Indian.
Annie was in charge of the rolls. And boy oh boy she didn’t disappoint.After our meal (which I must say was probably one of the best ever), Dave’s cousins came over (a bunch of them had gathered in town here as well). I think there were 41 KIDS, not to mention adults. Here are the same-age girls…
…and the women…(the boys were off watching football).
I love Thanksgiving. Sorry, I’m redundant. But I do.

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  1. Shawni….I just have to comment on how adorable your Grace is! That last picture with her smile is just beautiful! ALL of your kids are adorable but Grace in this post just made me smile!

  2. Come on over!!!
    The light thing is fun, tho I really have no idea what I’m doing!
    And, not enough time to experiment with it more.
    You know how that goes!
    We REALLY need to play around one of these days…….if only we could freeze time!!

  3. I love that you have your Christmas tree up at Thanksgiving. I would keep mine up all year if Adam would let me. 🙂

    I’m glad I could make a comment. FOr the past week whenever I try to read your blog it crashes my computer again! So, this morning, with fingers crossed, it worked!

    I’m impressed you even ran .5 a mile pushing those kiddos in your jogger! no wonder you’re so trim. Lucky…

  4. Oh my you have been a busy bee! Your updates and pictures are so chock full of good stuff. The Turkey Trot looks so fun. Wish I was a runner.

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