November is my favorite month of all because it finally cools down here in the desert (I actually wore a jacket to Claire’s soccer game this morning!) and because I get to count my blessings.  Over and over and over again.  I love that. I really meant to devote each post this month to something I’m grateful for.  But all of a sudden time has morphed into November 17th and I haven’t even started my grateful list (although I must say I have been doing some other stuff to feel the spirit of the season that my sisters and I came up with here). Better late than never to start here on the blog… I’m grateful that Dave helped a couple friends start a local Turkey Trot last year (see pictures back here).  I’m grateful because it’s the best to get out and do something active on Thanksgiving morning, but it feels even better if that “something active” benefits something good.  Last year people made donations to help Brain Food which is an organization that is doing so much good in our community.  (Read all about it here.) This year the boys are putting it together once again and helping the same organization through their efforts.  It’s the second annual neighborhood Turkey Trot.  IMG_3434 We’re excited.  And you’re invited! :)  It will be on Thanksgiving morning starting at 8:30 in the retention area on the North side of Elliott between Higley and Greenfield.  There will be a one-mile, 5-K and 10-K race.  It’s low-key and pretty darn fun.  Donations over $10 will receive a cool Turkey Trot t-shirt while supplies last.  We’d love to see you there!


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