On Tuesday Dave and I celebrated our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.


How does all that time fly by so fast? Weren’t we JUST here, on our honeymoon, eyes wide and bright for the future?

And yet, those years have also been slow.

I did some serious reminiscing as I worked to put together a photo book for a gift this year. It filled up my heart with SO MUCH GRATITUDE for those years. Here are just a few of the memories…

When I stood there on the steps of that temple all those years ago, looking out into the future, how could I ever have known all those years ago what would unfold?

The places we would go.
The adventures we would have.
The friends we would make.
The fights we would duke out.
The celebrations in which we would revel.
The things we would learn.
From bawling to belly laughs, from the highest highs and sorrowful lows.
Together. Always learning. Always growing.

I will always and forever be grateful for that choice we made all those years ago.

And the pages of adventures we have filled in between.

Oh there have been bad times, of course, mixed in right along with the good. And I’m grateful for both as we have worked to become the “us” that I love and am so grateful for.

We still have so much more to learn, but I love that we get to do it together.

We went on a little overnight to celebrate, watched a gorgeous sunset, and got up to revel in a new one at the top of a mountain we love.

Loved watching the pink sky bathe all the rocks around us as we huffed and puffed up that thing.

Here’s to looking out into the future, and embracing all the ups and downs that will come, together.

I’m forever grateful for that decision I made all those years ago.

Love you forever, David Stuart!

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  1. Happy Belated Silver/25th Wedding Anniversary to you both.x

    Glad you had a lovely day.

    Have a great year. x

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Congrats on 25 years! You look so much like Sandra Bullock in those pictures! I’m so glad you’re still blogging! Please keep it up! ❤️

  3. You are a seriously beautiful woman! (Husband isn’t too shabby either, but I’m too old for him and he’s taken). Your beauty just deepens. But you look so vibrant and young. Living well and happiness. Happy Anniversary.

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