Twenty years ago I married this guy.

Yes, twenty.
And I was a lot more excited about it than I look in that very serious photo 🙂
We got married three years after our first date (“How to Host a Murder”):
It took a while after that date to get it together (parts one and two of that romance story are here and here),  but then there we were, married and fresh from our honeymoon (and fresh from taking my honeymoon cornrow braids out):
We graduated and moved across the country to D.C. where our family grew:
…and grew

 …and grew.

Then came baby #3 with all her reflux and colic:

…when we decided to move to the desert to get help with that girl.
Ha!  Really, we moved so Dave could start a business in the desert.

Shortly after we arrived I turned thirty, and Dave threw a 70’s bash:

…and from there we just kept growing.

 Through good times:

…and bad:


 But all those years made us true-bonafide family.

In those twenty years we have had many grand adventures.

…along with many heart-breaking ones.
And thinking of them, here on this day that commemorates when it all began, I get teary-eyed thinking how lucky I am that I got to experience it all with my number one.

 The man who still makes my heart jump.

Even as we celebrate the day celebrating our daughter’s 14th birthday (since she’s leaving for camp and won’t be around for her big day).  We have big things in store to celebrate in the Fall.  Cannot wait.

Loved where those twenty brought us…can’t wait to see what the next twenty bring.
Love you baby.

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  1. You two have always been beautiful people but age and experience have made you even more so! We are SO glad that you found each other!


  2. Haven't left a comment FOREVER, but I was just sitting on my bed admiring my picture of the Salt Lake Temple that you took years ago (that I bought and you sent), and I thought I'd let you know how much I still love it! Happiest anniversary to you guys!

  3. Boo! When I read the title, I was sure this finally would be part 3! 🙂

    Well, while I'm still waiting for that to come, congratulations! And by the way, I remember you writing that your hair on your wedding day was just the usual do, but I think it looks very pretty.

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