Needless to say, Elle is over the moon. She even wrote a poem about her new accessory:

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  1. Melis, Max got glasses a few years ago. He’s inseparable with them too. What’s the deal with kids who love glasses so much? I guess it could be worse and they could really need them but be too embarrassed to wear them.

  2. Holy Cow! She’s gorgeous! I knew she would be. I love what she wrote and her writing is beautiful. She got her wish. Funny that your kids wanted glasses so much. I DIDN’T want them, but I won’t part with them now.

  3. What a cutie. I’ve worn them since I was her age and am waiting for my doc to give the green light for lasik. I hope she always feels confident about them! What a girl!

  4. Okay- I saw the link for your blog on Muriel’s site for Sophie and I thought I would introduce myself to feel a little less like a stalker.

    I usually don’t visit blogs that I don’t know, but when she mentioned awesome photography, I had to take a look. I LOVE taking photos and I had to ask what kind of camera you have. I have a coupon from my husband from Christmas for a new “super cool whatever kind you want” camera, but I want to do research before I make the big purchase. So- I’d love to pick your brain a little bit… editing software?

    I just got involved with a photo book (and other things) company called Heritige Makers. It is pretty awesome… Have you heard of them?

    Okay- well… sorry for the long post. Nice to ‘meet’ you!


  5. Oh my gosh how cool are your kids! When we were all younger…we hated our glasses! They are so much cuter now than way back then…I’m so glad they will have fun with wearing them! SOOO CUTE

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