Gosh the world is changing by the minute with this Corona virus. There are so many things rumbling around in my mind. So many things coming up for our family that are morphing and changing by the minute. Elle’s graduation is cancelled. The BYU volleyball season is suspended for now. College in general is tilted on it’s side. Claire’s huge 1,500 team volleyball tournament in Denver was cancelled in the latest hours. Church meetings are all cancelled. How will this impact wedding plans? How will it affect Lucy’s surgery coming up, and her clinical trial?

The list goes on and on, as it does for everyone. But I just wanted to come here to quickly share two things I loved that I came across yesterday. Two reminders that it’s not about ME. Not about MY family. It’s all about US. And what we do with all of this can really be “our finest hour.”

The first was shared on r2sense from Gretchen Schmelzer, (you can also find it HERE), and I thought it was beautiful:

And this, from my sister-in-law, also beautiful:

Sending out love to everyone out there!

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  1. I’m curious what your tentative wedding plans are now. My brothers wedding is at the very end of the month. They’ve cancelled the reception, but obviously canceling the sealing isn’t “ideal”. I love my dad’s advice: “get your marriage license now. If they close temples, you go – quickly – and get sealed. We will do our best, but whether we are there to witness it or not, please don’t hesitate to do what the Lord asks you to do.”
    It seemed rash to me… but the more I processed it, the more I think it’s wise. What truly matters is that they are sealed. While I will be heartbroken if I miss it, I want that more for them than waiting until who knows when they’ll reopen?

    Such a tough spot!!!

    1. They could marry legally if civil offices are open to do that. If it is just 2 witnesses and the judge it might be available? Then get sealed later when they reopen. There is no arbitrary year wait unique to america and one or two other countries. Giving housing situation couples can’t really live together without marriage and logistically it is hard to put it off. I remember various her graduation parties, some were like a wedding.

      1. These are lovely sentiments to read but it’s not a possibility for many, many people. The working poor, low wage workers, and probably many middle class families won’t be able to enjoy a “staycation”. They will be trying to figure out how they are going to pay the rent, insurance, car note, buy food and medicine, etc. As a wealthy family I’m sure you will find this to be an adventure and pat yourselves on the back about how you “do hard things”. But that is not the reality of the vast majority of the world’s population. It’s crass to have this attitude let alone put it out into the world.

        1. I think she meant the “staycation” as a positive way to look at a tough situation. Everyone is in a different place as they deal with what is going on in the world right now and there are some deep worries to be sure at every front. Sending out love as we all grapple with what’s happening around us, may we make ourselves aware of what’s happening in the circles of others and lend kindness and love in this troubling time.

        2. Hi Linda, I totally understand about this being a hardship for people. I think everyone feels the hardship in some way and the staycation comment is there to put as much of a silver lining on this as possible. As you said, it’s a hardship for many, so why not take the advice of making it our finest hour? I live in a community of mostly comfortable families but there are many nearby communities that are not as lucky. Locally, people have posted that they would be happy to assist in getting groceries or food for people whose kids are losing subsidized lunch, or local restaurants have offered boxed lunches with no questions asked for children who come in at lunch time. People are trying to limit contact, while still trying to do good for those that need. Just because people don’t publicly complain about the hardships, doesn’t mean this time isn’t one for them.

    2. While I disagree with the notion “it is more contagious and more fatal than other illnesses” (so far, influenza has cost more lives this year, at least in Germany), I agree with the “step back and have a perspective”.

      And I strongly disagree with Aja’s suggestion of watching “last man on earth”. I had to “semi-watch” it with my husband and it’s just horrible. 😉

  2. This is lovely and makes one want to be better, to do their best to contribute to the overall good. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. We all are being given the precious gift of time. Let’s use it to improve ourselves by developing a talent, learning a skill, deepening important relationships and looking for opportunities to serve. Even when we have worries and challenges from this situation we will get through them more effectively if we can get outside ourselves and think about the needs of others. I hope I don’t blow this opportunity.

  4. I can remember WORLD WAR II we all came together,let’s try to be the second GREATEST GENERATION. Read some good books!

  5. Thank you for posting Gretchen’s piece. I first met her 30 years ago when she was my crew (rowing) coach, and I am lucky to also be an alumna of her alma mater. I see her often on our college Facebook page and she is always full of calming wisdom, so it has been really wonderful to see her get acknowledged and celebrated for this piece.

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