My sister Saren is outstanding (I’m a little biased, I know, but I think you will agree). She and her business partner April have started an amazing website for mothers (click here in case you don’t know about it yet). They have also started a whole new brand of taking time out as a mother in their Power of Moms Motherhood Retreats. As mothers, we all need little breaks here and there. Most of the time the only kind of break we may squeeze in is taking the luxury of going to the grocery store late at night all by ourselves.

Saren and April have come up with these Motherhood Retreats that not only give mothers a little time out to rejuvenate, but they also help mothers “become themselves” and get a boost in their venture to take Motherhood to it’s fullest.

They do their own retreats (like the one I went to here), but they also train others to be “certified Power of Moms Trainers” so that retreats can be done all over the country. There are a few coming up…one in Park City (that our spring plans have changed allowing me to get to go to…I’m so excited) to and another one in beautiful Ventura, California.

Unfortunately the one in Park City is completely sold out, but there is still some space at the one in California. And right now, doesn’t the weather in CA sound heavenly? Click here for detailed information and grab a spot while you can!


  1. I wish I could come….my son is 22 now so I don't think I qualify….I did get my book of Mormon this weekend…two absolutely amazing sister missonaries came by and I couldn't help but hug them…I am so excited!!!

    many blessings to you!

  2. Yes, I am so excited to be attending the one at your parents home!! 🙂 I have been fans of theirs for a long time and I was excited to read you'll be there too! 🙂

  3. I so wish I could come to one of these. A friend of mine and I are trying to get a Power of Moms retreat happening here in Australia. So hoping we can get the numbers and so hoping you can come too!

    I also have a guest post from your parents on my blog today – dream come true as I am such a HUGE fan.

    I just love the idea of mothers getting together and talking about motherhood and what it means to them.

    Naomi x

  4. Would definately love a Power of Mums retreat here in Australia! I can see you have a few aussie mums reading your blog:-)

    I have just finished reading 2 of your parents books and your book of motherhood. Just loved all of them! You have a fantastic blog and i love catching up with what your all up to each week.

    Mandy x

  5. I'm so excited to be getting to attend the Park City Retreat and to finish my training to become a Power of Moms Trainer for Washington and the Northwest.
    PS: Your kiddos are adorable and Lucy just melts my heart.
    See you in Park City.

  6. Shawni, I am so excited. I happened upon their website after discovering yours and your parents website. What a blessing to find all three of you!!! I just filled out my application to become a POWER OF MOMS trainer and will be meeting you hopefully at the April retreat in Park City!! I love what they are doing. I believe in the POWER OF MOTHERS.

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