Abby recently graduated from college.

And I think that’s a pretty wonderful accomplishment that needs to be celebrated since graduation ceremonies aren’t quite what they normally are at this point right now.

So I went up to help that girl celebrate. (And also to get a “wing” on those Utah kids I don’t get to see much.)

I got in late at night, and Max and Abby had to work the next day, so I utilized that time to squeeze in some time with my family. First a late-night in-depth conversation I requested about Heavenly Mother:) My flight got in even later than anticipated but my parents and my three sisters (my London sister Charity joining in via FaceTime) were troopers and we stayed up late and talked deep and oh I so love them.

Then my sisters and I got up early to soak in the beauty of the Utah mountains.

We hiked Grandeur Peak and it was in all it’s spring glory.

I mean check out all this beauty!!

Wild flowers greeting us at every turn as we talked and climbed higher and higher.

All of us trying to clarify life together as we huffed and puffed up the mountain.

The sunny skies filled in with heavy gray.

Creating such a contrast on all this new growth:

Aren’t those little buds so beautiful?

We reached the top and stood in awe of that sky surrounding us.

And were rewarded with a rainbow way down below, can you see it in this picture below?

Heavy clouds rolling on in:

On the way down the rain made polka-dots on the rocks:

…and filled up the leaves with little droplets:

Gosh I love these two!

And then suddenly it was sunny again.

Isn’t that sometimes how life is?

Those clouds seem so dark and heavy rolling on in.

I’m so glad to have people I love on that sometimes-so-difficult trail, braving whatever comes our way together.

And that I can be on the trail not only lifted up by conversations and love from others, but being able to lift in my own way as well. Tried to lift Max and Abby a little after our hike.

More on that tomorrow!

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  1. One year, my new year’s resolution was to write down something that gave me joy every day. It was so easy in the spring with all of the new growth. Even so, I don’t think I ever found joy in a dandelion! Thanks for sharing as it’s always humbling when others find joy in something I personally don’t. Different perspectives are wonderful! Congrats to Abby on her accomplishment!!

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