While we were in Utah we got to stay with Dave’s sister a couple times.

She is one heck of an amazing woman.

She was pregnant with her sixth child (who was just born two days ago…welcome little Macie!). Yet she put up with multiple visits…one of which was just adding extra kids to her home (Max and Elle stayed there a couple days at the same time one of our other cousins came up from the desert).We went shopping…they found some very cute outfits 😉
Lucy thought she had died and gone to heaven with all that princess stuff:

On our way home from Bear Lake for the two days of my 20-year-reunion we stayed there again.

We did some serious bowling.
…and getting to really hang out with this great family. (Elle took this picture I liked…thanks, Elle.)

I think we should pat ourselves on the back for helping her go into labor early. (I was always dying to go early…maybe I should have hosted more people at my house right near my due date…)

Thank you, thank you dear Parkinsons!!

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  1. too cute! my guys love their cousins so much!

    and oh I agree – lucy looks so happy as snow white with the castle behind her! adorable


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