There’s nothing like a good epiphany.

And I had a bunch of them in Utah.

I figure I better write them down because, well, I forget things. A lot.
1) I have amazing siblings. Yes, I knew this before. But it hit me in the face this time even more than ever. My sisters took me under their wings and built me up like nobody’s business after having a pretty tough Lucy week. Plus we did nothing but talk talk talk night and day. We could never run out of things to talk about and I love their deep thoughts.

I had some great discussions with my little brother too. He made me wish I could have eight kids because he’s number eight in our family. What if my number eight is THAT amazing and I’m missing out on him?

2) It’s great to make a batch of cookies…every single day. Especially if there are only four of you and you can eat as many as you want and you don’t have to hide them in random places in your kitchen so they won’t get scarfed down by your kids. (Because it’s you who wants to do the scarfing.)

3) I’m not a big fan of signing books, but it can be pretty fun in my old stomping grounds (the BYU bookstore)…especially when I get my sister by my side and tons of great long-lost friends showing up. (My Mom was at a speaking engagement in the Bahamas…I felt SO sorry for her that she missed out at the bookstore!)
4) It makes me cry when I see crowds of women this big all trying to make good choices and become better people. Especially when everyone in the whole place stands up all impromptu during the closing song. That makes me cry even more.

5) The Mormon world is a small, small world. It’s amazing the amount of people you can run into that you know from your own neck of the woods in a mass of 18,000 women. (This was one of our dear friends we happened to run into who we got to sit by while listening to Elder Perry…the closing speaker.)

6) Utah blossoms are out of this world. Oh wait, did I already mention that?But really, these are just the mini epiphanies. I had some really deep ones as I was sitting amidst a sea of women on uncomfortable bleachers. I couldn’t write fast enough to keep up with my thoughts as some of the speakers were filling my “well.”

I guess the very biggest epiphany I had up there was that I need to quit multitasking. But posting all those insights on that one is a job for a whole new post cause it’s deep, and I gotta run.

I’m just so grateful I got to be there!

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  1. What an amazing opportunity that must have been. And to experience it with your sisters probably made it that much better. I came from a family of 5 girls and for the first time I think ever, just us 5 girls and mom will be heading to NYC in October. It will be amazing. I hope life on the homefront is now back in order? =)

  2. Wow, again, Dare I say J*E*A*L*O*U*S? You inspire me to be a better everything when I read your blog. A better Mom, daughter, sister, wife and friend.

    I actually thought that the Mormon world was gigantic, seeing as that I am an outsider or minority out here in Gilbert but I catch myself getting jealous of the relationships I see everyday with everyone in your Church.

    I love learning from you and try to take some of your thoughts and epiphanies with me into everyday life and remember the little important things too. I am a huge multitasker and I know that makes me a cranky mess most days!

    Thanks for all you do for all the women and men that love reading your honesty!

  3. I can’t wait to read more of your thoughts on multi tasking and making job #1 priority #1. Nothing wins in the multi tasking game.

    The flowers and spring blossoms in Utah are breathtaking. I have only been to Utah 2 times since we moved down here 9 years ago. I wish I head more reasons to go and not just “because.” But we should go. Gorgeous.

  4. I just wanted to tell you how fun it was to meet you at your book signing at Women’s Conference. I had the boys 14 months apart too and had to “paraprazii you” with a photograph together. Thanks for being an inspiration!!!

  5. Yes, I can’t wait to hear about the multi-tasking epiphany too..we all need some encouragement in that department…the more kids, the more encouragement!

  6. It sounds like you had a wonderful experience there in Utah. Sometimes it takes getting away for a little bit, to help us see things from a new perspective. You are an amazing mom and I love reading about your inspirational experiences and insights.

  7. How fun to see what I missed!!! I’m sorry I missed that bookstore AND women’s conference, even though I have to admit that it was pretty nice in the Bahamas! Wish you all could have been THERE! I just keep having these epiphanies myself about how blessed I am to be the mother of all these great kids! How lucky am I??

  8. Wish I could have had my book signed by you when you were here at BYU Bookstore… and is that Maria Covey Cole you are with? She used to be in my Bntfl. ward -YW leader – ages ago. I love her book too. Very fun post.

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