Two down, two to go. Wow it’s fun to take pictures in such a different environment. This first family happened to be the kids of one of my best friends from high school. So fun to get to know them better.

I made her get in a few o the pictures. You just gotta have pictures with your kids!

And I loved meeting this beautiful family. We had so much fun downtown…they were good sports to put up with taking so many pictures!

I couldn’t resist taking pictures of my friend’s new baby in SLC too.Some others I never posted from home:

Senior pictures…

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  1. Shawni you are an amazing photographer!
    I love the pictures of Elizabeth and her kids! They are so great! (Aren’t they just the sweetest kids ever!) I wish you would come to Virginia!

  2. Shawni…The pictures look great! you’re awesome! I can’t believe you got some good ones of Zac…he was such a handful that day (but he’s also such a cutie)!
    I can’t wait to see the rest! Thanks again!

  3. The one of the little boy jumping off of the wall to his Dad made me tear up instantly when I saw it. Perfect moment of childhood captured- you’re amazing.

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