Oh boy this has been quite a trip.
Let’s just go ahead and start with a little photo disclaimer because not only did I not have my sixth child (my big camera) with me, but I accidentally had my little camera set on this little thumbnail setting. That equals pictures that are all “pixelated” and broken up. But who cares. Really, can you fly past the gorgeous Utah mountains and not at least try to capture them?
My brother and his girlfriend were leaving to head back to NYC as I was arriving to SLC. We planned it out so we could overlap for a little while so I could meet her. She was awesome. Can’t wait to see what happens with those two.

On to the PR stuff:

I made my television debut by looking like a deer in the headlights on “Good Things Utah.” There’s a link to see it here (just scroll down under the book info.) if you want to have a little chuckle. The only reason I’m posting the link is so that we can all get our socks knocked off by how amazing my Mom was on there.

Let’s just try to disregard how crooked my mouth is (I never knew that little factoid about me…or does that just happen when I’m nervous??? I’ll have to do some more research into that). And let’s also try to overlook how I somehow became mute at the beginning of the segment. My mom was pinching me under the table trying to get me to talk. I couldn’t because you see, I was trying to figure out which way was up. It’s too bad we didn’t do the TV stuff LAST because I got my groove on a little better after that. We did three radio shows:

  • Steven Kapp Perry (his show is called “The Cricket & Seagull Fireside Chat”…not sure when that one will be aired)
  • Doug Wright (his show is “Everyday Lives, Everyday People” and our segment will air on Sunday, May 3rd…not sure what time)
  • Carol Makita (her radio show is “People of Faith” and our segment will air on April 19th…not sure on that time either)

I decided radio is much more down my alley. We also did a little photoshoot and a newspaper interview for the Deseret News which I think will be printed on Monday, May 4th in the Life section. Yeah, I think I like newspaper interviews better than TV too.

But I better start liking TV a little more because I have a couple more times I have to do it. Just as a head’s up for the locals, I’ll be back in Utah doing a little segment on Studio 5 on how to capture your kids in pictures in conjunction with the book on April 29th (I think at 11:00), and then the same sort of segment on Arizona Midday (channel 12 in AZ) on May 4th.

Let’s just pause for a minute from this PR stuff and talk about blossoms.

Because you know what? After six years of living in the desert I got duped into thinking we had Spring there. I mean, it cools down for a few weeks, the leaves do fall from some of the trees, and the buds that make an appearance quicker than you can blink are enough to definitely give a mean case of the allergies.

But being here in Utah I realized that little display isn’t Spring. That’s just a few buds. Utah knows how do to spring:
These blossoms are EVERYWHERE. And they smell Heavenly too.
My Dad treated us to a Jazz game and some serious Crown burgers (along with my brother and his wife who came up from Provo) and I re-newed my long-lost love for that team.
Which isn’t too tough when you have tickets on the fourth row.
One of my favorite things about the game was the cutest couple ever who sat right behind us:
(My brother snapped a tricky shot to capture them.)Honestly, all I can say is that they were darling. This guy’s favorite phrase was “GUTLESS WONDER!!” and he would yell it with all his might when the Clippers did anything wrong. His wife had this little flashing neon basketball pinned on her collar, and I think she was a little embarrassed by her hubby’s yelling…or maybe a little bored that we were creaming those darn “gutless wonders” by like twenty points.

My Mom and I had a book signing tonight. I wish I would have remembered to write about it here gosh darn it, but some fellow bloggers did show up. It was so fun to meet them in person! Thanks so much for coming, guys.Plus my dear friend Mo came with her stack of twenty books to be signed…
And three of my BYU roommates even surprised me and showed up at the end. Man oh man it was SOOOOO great to see them again. We have so many great memories together we sat and reminisced about for a while. Love these girls with all my heart.

Ok, time to sign off and figure out a few more things with my Mom before I leave early in the morning tomorrow.

I am so very thankful for such great opportunities.

And I’m so very indebted to Dave and Claudia for taking such great care of the kids while I was gone. Claudia even took Lucy to her first swim lesson. And boy howdy I heard that wasn’t pretty. Talk about good friends.

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  1. Oh my gosh, could you be any cuter! Seriously, you are a doll. I linked to the show and watched your clip and you are adorable. And good heavens you are so modest. I think that is so sweet.

    I wish I’d been blogging more lately and read all about it earlier. How fun!

    I’m definitely going to go buy it!

  2. I have never seen so many beautiful people. Hope your travels are going good. I just got your book in the mail yesterday. Read the first chapter last night and really enjoyed it. As I am here today taking care of my daughter and my friends 3 kids I am keeping in mind all I read last night and trying to just enjoy the moment! So far so good!

  3. Shawni-

    You did a great job on TV. And, no, your mouth didn’t look crooked.

    I’m looking forward to reading your book. What a great accomplishment and experience to have with your mom.

  4. Way to go, Shawni! I’m so impressed. I love that your mom was pinching you. How cute. Moms are moms and protect their kiddies even when the kiddies are adults on a book tour 🙂 You are awesome!!

  5. Way to go!! I am so proud of you! You looked great on TV and were very well spoken. Well Done!

    I am now on my second time reading the book. You and your Mom are awesome.

    Welcome Home!

  6. Wow! A true celeb in my own ward 🙂 How super exciting all this must be! I’m really looking forward to reading your book too.

    Sadie had her first swimming lesson too and I’m not excited for the second one. It was pretty intense.

  7. Shawni my awesome famous little friend. You did terrific now stop being so hard on your self. I didn’t realize you are your mothers twin. Have fun and enjoy you celebrity. You deserve it. Glad the girls came to your book signing. Now I got to go order my book.

  8. You did so great on GTU! I watched (well so did Tony) but I am not sure he want you to know that 🙂
    We thought you both did great! And we were so proud of ourselves for knowing you guys! Tony said, “so weird, that is my Aunt and cousin!”
    I just got your book from Lenna tonight, and I am so excited to start reading it! It looks amazing and I LOVE all the pictures!

  9. You did great! I didn’t know you were also working on a book…I will definitely check it out. You should be so proud of yourself. I wonder if you ever sleep. I need your time and family management secrets if you do in fact get to sleep every night and still do it all. 🙂 Congratulations on your book!

  10. I figured this would be a good way to contact you. Can you do lunch for Dianna’s birthday, next Wednesday 22nd at noon at Rumbii’s? Let me know! It will be fun to see you and catch up.

  11. I wished I would have know you were going to be signing the books at Desert Book! I would have totally came to see you and have my book signed. How is Lucky Lucy doing? We think of your cute family often! I still yet have to frame all those cute pictures you took. I’ll get around to it…I want to be you when I grow up!

  12. As usual, love the pictures.

    Thank you so much for the thank you note – you seriously didn’t have to take the time to do that, as I know you are a super busy woman and I am just trying to help in anyway I can. 🙂

    I am so buying your book! (and telling all my friends about it) – you know, I own all the books your Mom wrote – they are wonderful. 🙂

    We will continue to keep you guys in our prayers.


  13. i started reading your book a couple of days ago, and i really just want to give you one of those big heartfelt thank yous that doesn’t really say it all, but it’s the best you can express in words. though i find myself wanting to devour the whole book in one sitting, i’ve been trying to read it in small digestable pieces to think about and let sit with me throughout my day. i find that the ideas of really cherishing my kids and all of their crazy little kidness run through my head all day, and I LOVE THAT. so, thank you!

    p.s. i saw you on good things utah, and you guys were great. i really wanted to make it down to deseret book to see you, but apparantly that just wasn’t happening on that day.

  14. Man, I was nervous just watching you. Way to GO! You are one ambitious chickita. Maybe now that all your friends are moving, we’ll see you more…and you can sign my book! 🙂

  15. I’M SO SAD…i read this too late. i was in cottonwood heights on monday and my sister was just there that morning. i would have loved to come see you. not that i couldn’t do that here. 🙂 it would have been fun to come sneek up on you. 🙂 glad your trip was good and sorry you had to leave your family. don’t we just get torn in half as mothers?

  16. Shawni – I just happened upon your blog today (long story). Anyway, I can’t wait to buy your book! I saw the same Oprah show you referenced in your interview and feel the same way you do – why were these moms complaining so much? Life is so precious and so fleeting, if you don’t take a moment to enjoy it now, you will spend a lot of time in the future regretting it!! So glad I found your blog – I am now going to take some time to look at your past posts…

  17. Hey Shawni–
    This is Kara. Kara Nicholls from VA. Remember me?!? Well I saw on your blog that you are coming to Utah this week and I was wondering if you would have anytime that I could meet up with you and say hi. Are you signing books at all? I could meet you there. I’m in Provo right now, and my schedule is pretty open. I would love to see you even if it’s only for a few minutes! Call me. My number is (505)264-3178. or you can email me at iyqkara@gmail.com
    See you soon hopefully!
    Kara Nicholls

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