Here’s how Valentine’s Day went down over in our neck of the woods.

I stayed up late the night before (because I always procrastinate) to whip our kitchen into shape for the big day:

2019 02 13 iPhone 215041
My mom started doing these Valentine’s cups when we were all little and that tradition has carried on:
2019 02 13 iPhone 215039
I wonder how many of my siblings do this for their kids?
We ate the traditional pink pancakes early early in the morning…when apparently those girls in that picture below were still partially asleep…
2019 02 14 winter 215079
Lucy was pretty sure those pink pancakes should really be hearts, so we made them that way:
2019 02 14 winter 215083
Had a quick contest to see who could build the tallest conversation heart tower:
2019 02 14 winter 215082
And then the girls were off to school, leaving me to bask in these beautiful flowers my Valentine got for me:
2019 02 14 winter 215086
I filled his mirror with some simple but heart-felt heart notes:
2019 02 14 winter 215090
I thought it was pretty appropriate that this picture of the temple (where we got married in the beginning of our valentine’s sweetheart life) was sitting there on the counter:
2019 02 14 winter 215092
And that this hangs on the wall right there too.  
2019 02 14 winter 215093
Because, of course, he’s my number one valentine forever and ever.
The student council made hearts and put them up on the walls of the high school for EVERY SINGLE STUDENT IN THE WHOLE SCHOOL:
2019 02 14 iPhone 215312
Which, as you can imagine, is no small feat when there are nearly 4,000 kids who attend that school.
2019 02 14 iPhone 215324
2019 02 14 iPhone 215321
Lucy marched off to school with her edible cell project…which I have some thoughts about…a blog post for another day.
Dave and I snuck away for a little Valentine’s lunch while the kids were gone.  

And I don’t even have a picture to commemorate that, darn it.
We went out for lunch because this was happening at our house for dinner:
2019 02 14 winter 215096
Claire invited a bunch of girls over to make heart-shaped pizzas.
2019 02 14 winter 215094
They did a fabulous job.
2019 02 14 winter 215099
And included Lucy which was sweet of them.
2019 02 14 winter 215100
2019 02 14 iPhone 215325
Once they were all situated Dave and I snuck away for a little Valentine’s movie date:
2019 02 15 iPhone 215050 1
The girls continued to celebrate…
2019 02 14 iPhone 215329
…Grace went to dinner with her friends:
2019 02 14 iPhone 215332
I don’t know who that boy is up there, but I think he made a good choice to hang with all those girls 🙂
2019 02 14 iPhone 215336
And that was a Valentine’s wrap.
2019 02 14 winter 215106
Love my Valentine.  Even when he’s grumpy and we’re in a fight or he’s bugging me.  Because believe me, that happens.  And probably I bug him even more.  Oh there is the thick and the thin.  
But at the end of the day he’s the one I want to tell my whole life story.  He makes me feel safe. He loves me despite all my deficiencies and I love a good day to think about how happy that makes me.
2019 02 14 winter 215107

Ok, and as an addendum, just want to throw in two extra things today:

1) A pretty cool opportunity out there for couples wanting an extra cool date night THIS FRIDAY for Utah locals:  My sister still has a couple slots available in her Power of Families date-night couples’ retreat she’s holding that is going to be fabulous.  Here’s an overview of what it is:

Are you ready to shape the future of your family?

Please join Power of Families Founder, Saren Eyre Loosli, and a stellar group of other purposeful parents for an exclusive opportunity to learn, share and come away with tried-and-true methods and clear plans for raising happy, successful children in a family filled with love and purpose. 

Screen Shot 2019 03 11 at 3 54 19 PM

Click HERE to find out more details and register.  Wish I could go!!

2) along that same line, (separate event), I’m getting excited about the I Am Mom summit that starts tomorrow with a mission to “empower, educate and inspire moms all over the world”  that I get to be a part of:

Screen Shot 2019 03 11 at 4 29 53 PM
See me down there below?:
Screen Shot 2019 03 11 at 4 30 11 PM

More information and registration for that is HERE.

I’m going to write out a few extra things I wish I could have included in my session in a blog post here tomorrow so come join me if you can!  I’d love your input too!

So there you go, two fun opportunities to think more deeply about parenting and mothering all in one week.

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  1. Ever since you first posted the hearts-O'-love at Valentine's day I started using this idea! It works beautifully with a concept, in a book on successful marriages, that we read years ago. To express detailed appreciation to your spouse at least twice a day. Not just "thanks for taking out the garbage" but detailed! Like "I so appreciate how you put down phone and really listen to me when I have something to share! I truly feel loved and acknowledged." Or "Today I wasn't feeling very happy yet you still come in with your smile and warm hug. My Soul shines a little brighter on these rough days just from feeling your positive outlook!" Or (after watching an act of kindness towards another) "Of all those people in that room, who were watching that elderly man struggle with his tray of food, YOU jumped to your feet and went over to help…and took his arm…and lead him to that table making sure he was OK. Your empathy in action just makes my Love for you deepen!"

    It is amazing how often our spouses do things RIGHT every day and we miss the chance to point it out. We've discovered it is nearly (not totally!) impossible to criticize, belittle, or want to argue with your spouse when you are looking at what they are doing RIGHT every day! The lazy way is the critical path so many of us default to. We really can consciously choose Love. Seeing your yearly hearts are a good reminder to review if I am remembering to look for is being done RIGHT every day! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I totally used your hearts idea this year! My boyfriend was at school so I heart-attacked our bedroom so he had something nice to look at/read after a crappy, stressful day. 🙂

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