Here’s what happened on Valentine’s Day around here.

It was on Sunday and I had all kinds of meetings starting in the morning. So before I snuck out, I made up the table all fancy and piled up with love so Dave and the girls could have a little daddy/daughter Valentine’s brunch while I was gone, (I talked about Dave’s heaping plate back HERE on my “wife-hood” post).

But those sweethearts waited for me and had hot waffles all ready for me when I got back, and we ate them surrounded by three big vases of red roses Dave had bought for all of us girls.

Here are the other ones for the girls…gosh we are lucky to have that thoughtful guy around here!

Church was good followed by our RS zoom meeting, I caught twenty minutes or so of our weekly Eyre zoom meeting, ran in late for my Emotional Resiliency meeting (we are doing this with all the relief society presidents in our area to try to figure out how it works, it’s such a great program!), and then came home for our Come Follow Me family meeting. Phew!

All that hustle and bustle made it feel extra nice to enjoy the rest of the evening together: a sunset walk and some cookie deliveries with Lucy for some people we love.

And some time with my “number one:”

So grateful for that guy up there.

With all my heart.

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  1. I love your heart attack tradition and–because of you–have been using it at our house for the past few years. It’s been such a sweet chance to share how we all really feel about each other deep down, so thanks for the inspiration! Is that a Romanian table runner I see in the photos?

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