I kind of skipped over Valentine’s Day…and I really shouldn’t do that because it’s one of my favorite holidays. There’s nothing like having a whole day to reflect on how full your heart is.

And mine is SO full.

I adore my friends.

I adore my growing-up family:(This is a super cheesy picture we took when we were in NYC last Fall since my sis-in-law found a tree that was kinda similar to the one we took this super cheesy picture on eons ago:)
I adore them all, but right now I’m adoring my sisters a little extra since two of them are together and my heart is breaking that I’m not with them! It makes me so mad we don’t live a little closer together. They so inspire me and make me want to be better.
And man oh man do I ever adore my children (have to say it even though we all know it from all my blabbing about them)…
…and the funny things they make and do (these were their Valentine’s boxes this year). Elle and Grace made their own valentine’s all by hand and I’m so mad I didn’t get a picture. But I’m super glad I DID get the above picture of Lucy though (behind Claire), because, well, that’s how she looks pretty regularly these days.

I love fondue, and the fact that because I made it for them for Valentine’s Day I miraculously turned into a superstar in my kids’ eyes. Boy howdy, if anyone ever wants their kids to look at them like they can walk on water, just go ahead and make fondue. They thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread, especially since we had chocolate fondue for dessert.
(Dave bought this little gem fondue maker for me last year for Christmas and I finally pulled it out and put it to work on Valentine’s Day…I don’t think it’ll be gathering dust any more after it’s huge hit debut.)

But most of all, I adore my own, original Valentine. I hate that he made me vow not to gush about him on this blog because I could write books and books about him. I’ll just say that he fulfills my every need, he’s the one behind anything good that happens in our family, and he’s my very best friend in the whole world.Love you babe. Thanks for being my number one forever and always.

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  1. LOVED the post Shawni,
    You are so wonderful and inspiring.
    Thanks for sharing your LIGHT with everyone.
    And what a great photo at the end of you and Dave=)You two are sooo good looking!!!!

  2. Such a sweet tribute to those you love. You are an amazingly inspirational person. Thanks for sharing:)

    P.S. I LOVE the look on that adorable little Lucy's face…priceless!!

  3. I actually remember that older picture of your family. It was sent in one of the Thanksgiving cards from your parents. I love that you guys recreated it. So fun! Glad you guys had a great Valentines Day. 🙂

  4. Ok so I just have to know….did you do all that fabulous lettering on those boxes by hand or are they rub-ons or something? Please tell me they are rub-ons so we can still be friends!

  5. Oh man I'm so happy to see this new limb picture! I never did see one without someone looking cramped and scared of falling off! Thanks for the photoshop work (Eva? or Shawni?) This will be a classic. What do you mean cheesy???

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