Saturday was quite a day.It was hot, and crazy, and of course, Lucy was really out of sorts and grumpy (that above picture was taken after we got home. Then she let the smiles come out. You just never know with that girl).

BUT, it was an amazing day.

We had sixty-one people show up to walk with us:
And we tripled our fundraising goal.

By “we” I mean you and us together.

It says “$4,270” on the site, but there were some donations made on Saturday that aren’t showing up there yet (including the $14 in coins Grace donated from the lemonade stand last week:). So I’m going to go ahead and guess that the grand total for the “I Love Lucy” team is up to $4,500.
And for that we are forever and ever grateful.

Check out all these great people who joined us:
This mother/daughter duo were quite an inspiration:Their names are Joy and Jessica and they brought Lu some special stuff in a little “cupcake purse” crocheted by a blind woman that they are friends with. Made especially for Lucy. Jessica has had a kidney transplant and has some other issues similar to Lucy’s and was about the sweetest girl you could meet. She went out of her way to be there for our girl and we appreciated that so very much.

I could go on and on about how much this day meant for our family.

I could talk endlessly about how much it means to have people rallying around your daughter that you worry so much about.

And to have the possibility of finding some sort of cure for blindness on the horizon.

But words cannot express our gratitude.

So I’ll let Lucy say it:
…from the bottom of our hearts.

Your kindness and generosity of time and funds means the world to us.

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  1. Okay I'm crying too! This is so heartwarming to think of all the people who are the I Love Lucy team whether they were there in person, financially or with their hearts. Thanks for the pictures. It was almost as good as being there!

  2. I don't usually comment unless I have something interesting to add but I just have to let you know that this made me quite teary. What a special day for you all!

  3. I was blaming PMS for getting teary reading this post. But after reading the other comments I don't think that is the reason. It was amazing to read about your friends, family and people you don't even know supporting the event. Thanks for writing this post.

  4. I am so amazed that I didn't even notice you taking all these pictures. Especially the last one of Lucy! I remember the sign but when did you have time to take that?!! What sweety! You are so welcome little Lu! Thank YOU!

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