With Max on the high school JV volleyball team we are all becoming volleyball addicts around here.

We are certainly getting our fill with two or three games every week in every corner of our area high schools.

What I have realized is that I LOVE this sport.  I don’t think there was such a thing as high school boys’ volleyball where I grew up, but it’s a pretty fun deal here in the desert.

I love that the boys are so supportive of one another.  I love that this is how they stand when getting counseled by their coach:

I love that they sit on the bench and cheer each other on.

…and that when someone leaves the game (for a break), they all stand up and cheer for him as he comes off the court.

I love that even though he’s a freshman, the coach still gives Max some playing time.


And I love that he’s a great server (at least in his mother’s naive-new-to-volleyball-mind.)


It’s been fun to see so many other high schools.  I’m kind of fascinated by high schools.  The kids.  The atmosphere and how it varies.  Even the school colors.

I love that we get to be the spectators with friends who are teaching us the ins and outs of the rules.

We have loved having Dave’s parents around for so many of the games since they have been in town this winter.

And I thank my lucky stars every game I bring Lucy to that she loves to bring along her princesses or squinkies that keep her so occupied:
The iPad has done wonders to keep her occupied too…
…and her sister.

This picture was taken when they decided to dance on the court between games.
Which was all sweet and endearing until they started kicking each other with mean faces.

Yeah, gotta love that.

But most of the time they are pretty nice to each other.

Lucy tries to find the highest places to perch herself.

The other girls find the high places fascinating as well.
I love that even though Max is on the bench the majority of the time, he is so darn supportive of the team.

This is a series of pictures Elle took at one game that I think are so funny:

(It was a particularly intense game.)

It looks like they wish this next shot would have “gone down” a little to be in bounds:

 Love those expressions.

The girls thought it was the greatest day of their lives when it was our turn to run the snack bar.  Claire was dying when she thought maybe her tennis lesson would interfere, but thank heavens I was able to pick her up first!

There was a very good-looking guy running the show that day:

It doesn’t hurt that this team is really good.  They are undefeated.  In volleyball you have to win two out of three games and they have won the first two in all but two matches.  I wish they got to play the third game more often just so we could watch more!

But one of the very best things about Max playing volleyball?

That Max gets to have some boys around in a life swimming with girls on every side.

We were in charge of snack the other day and it was so fun to get to know these guys better.  

They are good kids.  

Yeah, I am a volleyball junkie and I love it.

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  1. (I just read your parent's Entitlement book and found your blog through that.) I love the expressions on their faces during the intense moments. So funny!

    Also, I love your little Lucy! She actually reminds me of my little 3 year old girl. They have the same body build and similar smiles. I just smile every time I see a picture of her on your blog!

  2. Ahh, volleyball!! I seriously LOVE it too! My husband and I both played for Highland and club ball back in the day. I miss it…love your pictures!!

  3. oh my gosh, this reminds me SO MUCH of going to 5+ basketball games every week growing up. the snack bar was ALWAYS the highlight. do the girls get into the games too? (elle seems really engaged in those pictures with her phone:) ) i didn't get into the games in the beginning, but i distinctly remember the day i decided (with my gobstoppers in hand from the snack bar) to watch the ball. and pretty soon i was screaming at the refs and making faces just like max's on the bench (fantastic pictures). i wish i had more (any) pictures of me at tal, noah and eli's games. i'm pretty sure i was more devastated than they were when we didn't take home the state title. i remember crying allll the way home. i'm so glad your kids get this high school sports experience, because it is one of my best childhood memories.

  4. what great pictures!! my husband and i have recently started getting REALLY into byu volleyball and we love it! we wish they had high school volleyball in utah! (not that it really matters right now, since our kids are so young 🙂

  5. This makes me even sadder that I missed Max's game but also totally updated! Terrific pictures! Love those expressions. Wish we had some of these from our high school games. SO fun to see! Tell Elle we loved the ones she took!

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