(part 1 of “walls” is years ago back HERE, in case you’re interested 🙂
This sign hung above the door of the playroom in our old house:
It was up there for years.  
And you know what?  It didn’t stop any whining.
We had whining going around a-plenty (I think payback for when I was a pro whiner as a kid).
But maybe that sign wasn’t really there to stop whining.  Maybe it was just a part of our home that created part of our identity.  I think anything we feel important enough to hang on our walls serves a purpose.
I loved that about a year after Elle graduated from college and set off for college in Hawaii, she sent us this:
There “our” family sign was, hanging in some bamboo-laden Hawaiian joint.
And a few months later, check out what Max sent from Taiwan:

This is real life, people!  How is that for an unlikely place for a no-whining sign to be hung??

I thought it was pretty nutty.  But I loved that it served a little purpose for our family…helped each of our kids who were far, far away somehow feel a little more “home” because of some little thing that was on our walls.

When we finally started getting things up on the walls in this house (nearly five years ago…yikes!) I had several requests to share what we had up.  And here I am all those years later, because as long as we’re talking about “no whining” signs…

Here are some of the things on our walls these days:

Our yoke:

So much love for that thing and it’s significance…wrote about it back HERE.

Our “Love More” sign written in Chinese:

(“love more” means a lot to us in the Eyre family with a beauty story behind it…which has been passed down to our family too…and it’s Chinese because we like Chinese over here!)

The painting Dave and I fell in love with in Bali, carried home all rolled up on our backs, and got re-stretched a couple years ago. 

Love what it symbolizes to us as well.
Dave, Max, Elle and I bought this painting from a man affected with leprosy when we were in India:

(I know that sounds a little crazy, but there’s a little about that story back HERE.) 

These cubbies hold little things that we’ve collected from different places we’ve traveled:

I love that Grace brought back from stuff from the Dominican Republic while she was there to add in:

These are our shelves in our bedroom:

Elle brought back these pictures for us from Jerusalem:

And these are just randoms below.  Because every master bedroom should have a little picture or two of sweethearts don’t you think?

Of course, not everything is all sentimental.  Loved this painting I found on clearance at Crate & Barrel:

This is our wall in a hallway…it has a little piece of art each child has created…and a book from my mission in Romania:

This temple print still hangs in our house:

(That’s where Dave and I got married all those years ago.  I still sell those canvas prints if anyone is interested…)

Our family motto still hangs up too…all about that back HERE.

I don’t want to plaster up too many pictures, but I love pictures so this is just a little display alongside a couple doors in the game room:

This quote has been in our laundry room for a long time:

The other day, I found that quote scrawled on a little piece of paper beside Claire’s bed.  Maybe after something difficult she was doing?  Or maybe because she was bored?

Some IKEA finds:

(I need to put new batteries in those clocks…not serving their purpose too very well up there…)

A little reminder of Shanghai on our bookcase:

Lucy’s precious drawings and paintings down the girls’ hallway:

I cannot take those puppies down even though they’re getting old…

A tube map from London:

Hoping the girls remember the good times we had riding that thing back HERE.

This poster is from a little town some of our ancestors are from:

This is a little jumbled, but in front is our family motto AND my “one word” this year (talked about back HERE),  but also a little quote I asked Grace to write up for me last Christmas when I was trying to remember the true meaning of all that hullaballoo going on:

Love this bulletin board to display wedding announcements and baby showers, party invitations and our year family calendar Dave just got us:

(my brother-in-law made that bulletin board for us, and I am so so grateful!  More about how to build a gigantic bulletin board back HERE)

I laugh at this one, because one time my sister-in-law was staying with us and was asking about all the stuff on our walls.  She was curious about the meaning behind some of the things, and when she got to this one, she asked where I got it.

And she laughed when I told her I found it at Ross.

Ha!  Sometimes you just have to buy a cool thing when you see it 🙂

Then there’s the “ancestor wall,” half filled with Dave’s family, half with mine.

I want our kids to know where they come from.  Most of our teeth come from this dear grandma:


Cold sores?  From Dave’s dad:)

I always hope that this quote in our homework area will rub off on our kids:

(In case you can’t read it, it ways “I will study and get ready, and the opportunity will come.” from Abraham Lincoln.)

My office wall…in the upper left there are tickets from the Taylor Swift concert (here), metro cards from when we lived in Shanghai (here), and tickets from the BYU game where we went up and met Max when he first started college (here).

There’s a map of San Francisco on the upper right…how I love that place.  A drawing from Grace, one from Elle (when she was little), a quote from Claire, and a painting of my great great grandmother’s house…painted by my mother for me.

As long as we’re in my office, let’s look at my somewhat cluttered desk:

All those things up there have special meaning to me and I love them.
And, if we’re talking about walls, we can’t forget THE wall in our house (at least that’s what we call it):
(Lots ore explaining that thing back HERE.)
And there you go: a little wall tour.
Who knows if any of that stuff will really impact our kids in some phenomenal way.  Maybe no one else will see parts of it replicated somewhere out there in a random place on the other side of the world (like the “no whining” sign).  But I love that we get to be surrounded by each of those things each day.

Especially that cool piece from Ross.
Happy Tuesday!


  1. Years ago I never really thought about what went on my walks, until you posted about it, over time I’ve been really deliberate on what I put on my walls!! Loved this c

  2. I've always loved seeing what is on your walls and their meanings, my walls are equally important to me:) I can't find a link to purchase the temple prints…:)

  3. I love your walls! I too am a big fan of only hanging things that have special meaning. It tells a family’s story��. I love your classic white frames- especially the square ones on your ancestor wall. Are they custom?

  4. I love your blog and everything on your walls! How did you get your tickets to stay in the frames? We have these amazing tickets from sites in Egypt and they always seem to slide down.

  5. I want a wall like “the wall” the link to the more about it page was broken. Can you point me in the right direction?

  6. HI! I know this is an old post of your, but still incredibly inspiring!! I would love to know
    the source for the prints below the time zone clocks? Thank you for always being so inspiring and uplifting! Your blog is the only blog that I follow after all these years =)..

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