Well, not really…only because my poor kids have inherited a little of my coordination. BUT they’re pulling through it and we now have tennis players. Real tennis players who can hit the ball over the net, and actually get a good rally going.

They had their first tennis tournament a couple weeks ago and I must be a baby or something, but stuff like that makes my heart swell so much and gets me a little teary-eyed if I’m not careful. My little babies are big enough to play tennis.

…and they were pretty good.Heartbreaking breakpoint.

They played all different opponents for almost three hours.
The spectators were pretty cute too…except for Claire who was sulking about something or other somewhere.
Grace was dying that she wasn’t quite old enough to enter so we hit a few at the end. That’s the ticket…I want to make her want it.
Great job guys!

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  1. Wow, how these kids have grown and become so proficient at whatever they try! Plus it looks like Grace gets her Christmas wish from last year…just one year late…no front teeth! Can’t wait to see you guys AND see the next tournament AND get warm!
    Love you,

  2. Wow, we are pretty lucky to live in a place that looks like that this time of year. Great moments captured Shawni. I especially appreciate the way you made Grace “want it.” You have the skills!

  3. I’m with melissa, I would kill to be outside playing tennis in little skirts and t-shirts. I live in the wrong place.

    I’m ding over how cute Grace is with all those missing teeth. Just darling!

  4. Shawns:
    I love that picture of Elle hitting the ball. It’s so obvious where she got her legs. They look just like yours in junior high and high school. What a cute girl.

    You guys make life in AZ look pretty darn appealing. Where do we sign up?

  5. I’m so jealous! We tried so hard to get our kids into tennis. They played for a while and they both played in tournaments. But as they got older, they lost interest. At least now Sydnee is into Volleyball.

  6. What I love about your blog Shawni is that your kids always look so genuinely content. I love that they are so active and happy…I love that you are so involved with them and their activities….they will appreciate all these pictures and posts later in life.
    I Love tennis I am really hoping that my kids will at least love it enough to play with me when they are older. Too bad you don’t live closer I am always looking for a tennis partner!

    Hey I was wondering if you could email me with a website or a place online that develops pictures that is good. I am trying to get away from Inkley’s Sam’s etc…

  7. Hey Shawni- I got your message…. Callie is struggling with her digestive system. Wr aren’t sure what the problem is yet! W OUr doctor is trying to get us in to a GI this week (appt. are 4 months out) so when she calls we have to go!
    She is allergic to milk (which we have known about since she was couple weeks old) and she has acid reflux….
    Callie has been throwing up a lot and some dirreha in Oct. and part of Nov. then we put her back on Zantac (for the acid reflux) and put her back on formula and mbaby food (and absolutly no dairy) that all seemed to werk for about 3 weeks and then we were back to the throwing up. She would throw up 2 to 3 hours after she ate…..
    So right now she is on a lot of meds and on a liquid diet only!
    She only gained 5 ounces last month so they are a bit concerned with her weight too! So we are just waiting for the doctor to call and we will be on our way to the GI!
    Thanks for the concern, I will keep you posted!

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