…on the last day of summer. 2013-07-13 iPhone 829942013-07-04 Coronado 801552013-07-04 iPhone 828212013-07-06 Coronado 808982013-07-08 iPhone 829152013-07-08 iPhone 82918 2013-07-09 sky 805772013-07-03 iPhone 828152013-07-10 reunion 810282013-07-10 reunion 81784 2013-07-04 Coronado 801572013-07-12 reunion 827842013-07-13 eli's pictures 82549(photo creds: my brother Eli)2013-07-13 eli's pictures 825512013-07-13 reunion 821902013-07-13 reunion 822152013-07-13 reunion 822212013-07-13 reunion 827152013-07-13 reunion 827222013-07-14 dave's iPhone 839782013-07-14 eli's pictures 82558(photo cred: my brother Eli) 2013-07-14 iPhone 830062013-07-17 iPhone 840532013-07-18 aftermath 832032013-07-20 aftermath 83537 2013-07-12 reunion 825062013-07-20 dave's iPhone 83980(photo cred: Dave…desert monsoon) 2013-07-22 iPhone 841112013-07-22 saydis bl 83646(photo cred: my sis. Saydi) 2013-07-23 iPhone 84160 (photo creds for these two: Grace from the car)2013-07-23 iPhone 841622013-07-23 iPhone 84167(that one is to show the bugs…we need to have a funeral for all those poor guys still on our windshield) 2013-07-25 iPhone 841932013-07-27 dave's iPhone 839822013-07-27 dave's iPhone 839872013-07-27 iPhone 842632013-07-27 iPhone 842782013-07-18 aftermath 832932013-07-12 reunion 824622013-07-09 Coronado 81003 Oh how we will miss you!

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  1. Gorgeous stuff! I need to do photo credits but since I got pics from three sources I'm not even sure who took which pictures at the reunion. I'm hoping people just know that anything that is really good is not mine. Maybe I should just credit my dumb stuff and admit that all the others are yours, Kristi's or Josh's. I didn't get any from Saydi. Oh well, I don't think I'm going to get sued!

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