We were still up in Utah (dropping Claire off for college) intentionally so we could be there to celebrate this girl:

I wrote about her on her actual day back HERE, but here’s what we did that day.

Of course we had to start with Lucy’s traditional candy bar poster. She is always ON it with this tradition and gets us whipped into shape with getting her the stuff she needs:


She chose eggs Benedict and I forgot the Canadian bacon, darn it!

Opened gifts:

We got to go to Dave’s sister’s ward where Grace’s cousin was giving his homecoming talk.

These two are close cousins and I know I’m biased but he knocked that talk of his out of the park. That is one great kid.

And it was so fun to see those two reunited. As well as to reunite with the rest of the cousins and family gathering after church.

Then we came back and made a big dinner all together. Love when we can get the majority of our kids together!

(Missed you Elle and Carson!)

My parents joined us as well.

So grateful for this girl so full of light.
We are the luckiest that she’s ours.

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