Eighteen years ago there was a baby girl born.

She was pink and perfect.
And her parents adored her.

 Her brother and sister adored her too:

She cried and spit up for the first three or four months of her life…

She became the life of the party wherever she went.

 She was determined:



Never afraid to be herself:

And suddenly, right before her parent’s eyes, she was all grown up, ready to take off for college any day.

(She got her wisdom teeth pulled a couple days ago and her cheeks are all puffy so she opted out of taking birthday pictures for now.)
Eighteen things Dave and I love about our newest adult:
1) She’s the best big sister.  She’s got a handle on how to make those little sisters of hers feel so special and loved.  
2) That smile…the one that can light up a whole room.
3)  She’s always up for an adventure.
4)  Speaks nicely of others, always.
5)  Grace isn’t afraid to do hard things.  Well, I should rephrase that.  She’s very afraid sometimes. But she knows how to take her own “20 seconds of courage” and make things happen.
6)  One example: she rappelled down a 320 foot waterfall last week like nobody’s business.  Yep, that’s seeing the fear and doing it anyway!
7)  She’s very organized when she sets her mind to it.
8)  She makes good decisions. And sticks with them even if others aren’t.
9)  She loves beauty and always points it out to me.
10) She is a good friend.  Loyal and kind to the core.
11)  Not only is she a good friend, but she’s friendly.  To everyone.  
12)  She will eat fancy food with me (the others are too picky), and she has an appreciation for different tastes.
13)  Best driver in the family (sorry Max and Elle…:)
14) She knows all kinds of beauty secrets, although she doesn’t need them…
15) She’s beautiful from the inside out.  It shows in her glow.
16)  She is humble.
17)  She knows her Father in Heaven, and seeks to be close to Him and follow His guidance.
18)  She’s one of my very best friends in all the world.
Love you more than I can ever say, grace Jam!  Hope your day is the BEST!
Love, Mom


  1. Happy Belated 18th Birthday to Grace. Hope she had a great day & has a great year.x

    Also, I hope she feels better after her op. x

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