The weather up here can be kind of extreme at times.

The sky will change from blue and sunshine making the lake glisten bright turquoise to having huge black clouds rolling in in a matter of minutes.

Every year we get at least one good lightening storm.And every year I try to capture one of the bolts.I loved this night…me and the boys basking in the cool breeze and nature’s display of it’s own kind of fireworks.


  1. My sis-in-law took some pretty incredible pictures of that storm, too. Loved seeing the pics you took of Bloomington Lake, too. Unfortunately, I didn't get your email…our service has been so spotty on this trip, so it might have been my laptop or internet. Oh well, now I have something new for next year! We hiked Timananogos on the 24th, and that was an experience I'm still recovering from….I had no idea what I was getting into. Keep having a great time!

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