My little brother (well, not really little since he’s 6’9”), met a really great girl (well, he’s met a LOT of great girls, but this is the one).

She’s awesome.

She’s from Switzerland.

And they’re getting married…in NYC.

Which means:

Dave and I get to go…tonight…on the red-eye. And we get to spend some time there in the Big Apple with all the adults in my whole family.

To say we’re excited would be a serious understatement.

We love New York.

My Dad went there on his mission and somehow indoctrinated us all to adore that place. (But then again, who wouldn’t be in complete awe of that city?)

Five of nine of us kids have lived there (not me, darn it). We’ve all spent some good time there though and none of us can get enough of that place (this was the last time I was there).

If anyone has any great ideas of places we must visit or things we must see please send advice our way!

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  1. My neighbor told me about your blog when she gave me your book. I totally loved it. So I checked out your blog and hopped around to the other family members' blogs too. What a fun surprise to see Anita with your brother. She was a roommate of mine way back in the good old days at BYU. I also ran into her in Switzerland when I was on tour there with the folk dancers. Anyhow, I thought it was great fun to see a familiar face. She is wonderful so she should fit right into your family.

    Have a fabulous time in NYC and tell Anita congrats from an old roomie.

  2. go to the US Open!!!

    Also hit Carnegie Deli and get the cheesecake. Serendipity is overrated. We were just there with the girls two weeks ago.

  3. josh just told me today that you guyswere going…SO AWESOME! have the best time and be safe. i have no ideas for you as i've never been there. 🙂

  4. I actually lived in NYC for 2 years and Noah was in my ward's Bishopric {Manhattan 8th!}. Although I agree with everyone about hitting up Pinkberry, Shake Shack, Serendipity, etc, etc…Max Brenner, Chocolate by the Bald Man {Union Square by NYU…across from the AMC theater} is the most amazing restaurant!!! They have great meals and even more fabulous desserts! Chocolate from all over the world is imported. It was one of our ward's favorite places to celebrate birthdays or farewells to those leaving the city. Have a great time and tell Noah and Kristi that Nikki Snyder from the 8th Ward says hi from Ohio!!! Have fun whatever you decide to do..I miss the city everyday.

  5. Pommes Frites. A little dive that only sells fries. I saw it on The Food Network and it did not disappoint. they sell fries in a cone with every topping imaginable. Get a cone of fries and take a walk. Oh My. a cheap, fun, tasty date!

  6. I just hope you have such a great time! My favorite part is Central Park for sure, but I asked you for advice last time I went. Have fun in my favorite city in the world!

  7. You must go to the Burger Joint located in the Le Parker Meridian hotel. I hate anything with ground beef, but I make one exception for the Joint's burgers; they're delish.

    I must be hungry. Is it fast Sunday or what?

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