I got woken up this morning (for the third time) at 9:36 by Grace coming into my room and telling me very sweetly that the developmental specialist was here for Lucy. Yep. I’m admitting it right here…9:36! But the first time I woke up was at 2:02, and that was because I had the worst cough ever (after three weeks of being sick this is getting old) and had to try with all my might to stifle it so Dave (who, along with me, hadn’t slept for two nights) could sleep and wake me up again at 4:06 to help him peel Max and Elle out of bed for their ski trip Daddy-Date this morning. I helped them situate their ski stuff and got their delirious selves all put together (they were so darn tired) and sent them off with big kisses. Then I settled down to go back to sleep and proceeded to cough until 5:30, even after taking a dose of the grossest cough medicine ever. So, hence, the after nine in the morning wake up.

We got to spend the weekend here:(I know, I know, very spoiled.) We went up to our friends’ “Ranch” with four other families (along with ours totaling 24 children) and had the best, no-sleep weekend ever. The kids were in pure Heaven getting to stay up until 12:00 and 1:00 in the morning (at least the older ones) and getting to hang out at the “club house” and the “tree house” with great groups of kids their own ages. We cooked, ate, had a treasure hunt, played cards, played with kids, guzzled down medicine (it seems like everyone is sick right now around here), watched movies in the theater room, and talked to our heart’s content (notice I didn’t say “slept,” because, again, we didn’t do much of that there.) We got a taste of what it will be like when we have teenagers some day…although these kids didn’t have all the drama I’m sure will come along with teenagers. They got along so great and were so cute with each other. They did the “ooga booga test” on all the grown-ups but I for one didn’t get fooled.This place was amazing with three floors for everyone to spread out on. It was so luxurious not only for the kids but for us parents…sometimes we couldn’t even hear any of the 24 kids because of so much space for them to run around in. The deluxe kitchen made it fun to cook together in the continual group effort to try to keep all those hungry mouths fed! And of course we had to do a few jumping pictures:I love Claire and Bronson and Max in this one:
What a weekend. Thanks so much you guys!

Lucy has managed to unload all our kitchen cabinets and has had a great time with the Top Ramen while I’ve been writing this, and Claire & Grace are ready to go for a walk to the park, so now it’s on to Spring Break. I hope Max, Elle and Dave aren’t falling asleep on the slopes and are having a great time. When I asked Grace what special things she wanted to do together while they were gone she mentioned she’d like to go to either Brazil or Russia. Hmmm. I think our big world map in the kitchen is working. But I’ll have to talk her into “home” for the destination and we better go come up with some fun stuff to do. So I’ll sign off for now.

p.s. I finally got the results from Lucy’s MRI. They were totally normal aside from a little cyst they didn’t seem too concerned about. I’ll have to figure that out today. Thanks for all the concern and sweet notes about her.

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  1. That has got to be the most amazing cabin ever, how fun for all of you!!

    If you are okay with it, lets go ahead and set up family pictures for May, that should actually work out just fine. I am so excited for you to do that for us, what a treat!! Enjoy your Spring Break!!

  2. wow that looks like a total blast! sorry you’re not feeling well. i woke up from my nap yesterday with a cold…i’m pretty much done with sickness too.

    i’m so glad for lucys test results, what a HUGE weight removed. 🙂

  3. So glad to hear the results came back normal. I’m so jealous of the fun weekend with all the kids. I bet they had so much fun together. We are still in Ohio until the end of the week. I hope you feel better.

  4. What a great place. It reminded me of the Old Faithful lodge or the California Adventure Hotel at Disneyland. Spoiled, yes. How fun! It looked like everyone had a ball. What memories!

    So glad to hear the MRI results looked good. What a relief.

    Enjoy spring break!!

  5. I am so glad Lucy’s results came back normal! We had such a great time with you this weekend. Sophie wants Claire to come over this week, she says she already misses her! Hope you start feeling better soon.

  6. I am so happy that the test results came back normal. What a relief…
    What an amazing “ranch” and looks like a lot of fun. Have a fun spring break.

  7. I love the Barney’s “ranch” it is sooo beautiful. If only you could see my parents “ranch” ha ha. It looks like you all had fun- even though it was cold.

  8. Wow that is a lot of kids! Looks like a lot of fun. The Barney’s cabin is beautiful! So glad about Lucy!
    I hope you get feeling better! Any fun plans for spring break?

  9. What an amazing private hotel/lodge! What darling kids, it is fun to see how big they are all getting. Hope your feeling better! Let us know all about the ski trip and how it went.

  10. What a great place! Glad Lucy test came back positive. I was going to post on your “real life” section but got sidetrack due to my husband being out of town for 8 days..anyway, we have had our share of Children’s Hospital. 2 of my boys were born with kidney problems. We have had countless nights in the ER and hospital beds. Through it all, I would gain a deeper appreciation for my problems when I woudl go to the hospital seeing so many other sick kids worse off then mine. At least my problems could be fixed (somewhat) and their were not. I would always leave feeling gratful and blessed for my “real life”.

    Ok so to answer your question from my post, I had some nasty virus from a couple of comments so I immediately deleted them. I put that word thing on my comment section to force only a “human” could type in a comment instead of a random computer leaving a nasty virus. I would recommend it. It is easy to do just go to your blog setting section and it will allow you to insert this extra step. That way you won’t get a computer randomly choosing you for a virus. Does that make sense?

  11. What a fun weekend! It is so fun to see all these great kids grow up together! We are so lucky to have so many great friends surrounding us. Thanks for all the memories!
    So glad to hear about Lucy’s MRI results. What a relief!

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